Little Witch Academia Episode #15

Here’s something interesting as this is how Professor Croix looked like when she was a student in Luna Nova 10 years ago. Yeah, she looked so plain compared to the present!

That’s when Diana Cavendish got a bit curious about Professor Croix as well as Professor Ursula… not like she knows about Chariot or anything.

Meanwhile, here’s Atsuko Kagari as she was called by Professor Croix to take a look on her Shiny Rod.

Yeah, seems that Croix has her eyes set on the rod for her nefarious purpose. Of course, we’ll never know her true motive until later on this episode!

Anyways, that prompted Ursu- I mean Chariot to take action in order to rescue Akko and the Shiny Rod from Croix’s hands. I mean, she knows that Professor Croix is a dangerous person!

Eventually, Chariot managed to rescue both Akko and the Shiny Rod, but not before Croix telling her that she needs to tell her secret to Kagari before it’s too late.

Oh, and as for Professor Croix’s reason why she wanted the Shiny Rod or should I say the Claiomh Solais? Well, it turns out that Croix is aiming to get the world reconstruction magic to herself as Chariot mentioned. Then again, I feel that the world reconstruction magic might be used to destroy everything…

Lastly, here’s Akko-chan as she’s safe and sound thanks to Professor Ursula. On the other hand, Ursula told Kagari about the Shiny Rod’s secrets, as well as chanting all 7 words in order to unlock the Grand Triskelion. But strangely enough, Professor Ursula didn’t told Akko that she’s actually Shiny Chariot. Maybe she’s saving it in a few episodes but I fear that it might be too little too late.

With that said, I’ll see you on the next episode of Little Witch Academia. Will Professor Croix succeed or will her ambition be stopped by a bunch of misfits like Atsuko Kagari? We’ll find that out…

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