Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode #03

Looks like Celica Arfonia is shocked that Alzano Imperial Magic School got attacked by the Researchers of Divine Wisdom, a notorious organization who uses black magic to commit crimes within and outside the empire!

Of course, it appears that the Divine Wisdom is here for Rumia Tingel in which they think that she holds some special magic or something…

Anyways, let’s go to Glenn Radars as he and Sistine Fibel are on a mission to stop the Divine Wisdom terrorists and rescue Rumia Tingel.

Oh yeah, and with the help from Sistine’s magic, Mr. Radars unleashes his hidden repertoire of magic starting with his Extinction Ray…

…which destroyed bone golems in an instant! Wow, I’m starting to feel impressed by Glenn’s magical prowess.

Unfortunately, Glenn Radars has one fatal flaw, which happened to be his mana pool being low.

Yeah, seems that using too much magic would lose tons of blood from his system, yet Mr. Radars continued to press on despite the deficiencies!

Anyways, both Mr. Radars and Sistine have reached this guy who is controlling swords using magic.

I don’t care what his name is, but this terrorist is very dangerous!

And look, the terrorist throw his swords at a weakened Glenn Radars, yet it seems that he’s planning something regarding the swords being stuck in his body.

So, he called Sistine to dispel the swords because it turns out that Glenn is gonna use one of them against the enemy.

Yeah, he’s tough as nails even though Glenn is bleeding like hell!

In any case, one terrorist down and it’s time to rescue Rumia in which she was held at the clock tower!

Glenn managed to find Rumia Tingel, only to be stopped by Mr. Huey, who is revealed to be a spy for the Divine Wisdom.

On the other hand, it is revealed that Rumia Tingel is actually Princess Ermiana who was supposed to be dead three years prior to this anime series, yet she’s alive by some lucky circumstances. In fact, she’s saved by a certain mage killer, but the identity of that person remains unknown.

Oh yeah, Mr. Huey has finished his Sacrifice spell in which he’ll use his mana to blow the entire academy, all while transporting Rumia to the Divine Wisdom headquarters.

It’s two birds in one stone for the terrorists, but it’s not like Glenn Radars can’t do anything about it!

So, he decides to undo the spell by writing the magic circle with his blood… and he’ll have to do all 5 layers of it in order to free Rumia from being taken away.

But when he’s about to unlock the final layer, Glenn Radars collapsed. I guess that would be it for this bastard teacher!

However, Rumia Tingel decides to reach her hand and try to heal Mr. Radars.

So Rumia reached her hand towards Glenn Radars but instead of healing his wounds, she’s powering up her teacher that Mr. Huey couldn’t believe it!

It turns out that Rumia Tingel has an ability to channel more mana to the user via touch.

This gave Mr. Radars some needed strength to dispel the final layer of Mr. Huey’s detonation/transportation magic.

And hell, he finally made it just in time as the Sacrifice spell is no more! Looks like the Researchers of Divine Wisdom failed to transport Rumia to their headquarters!

And so, the terrorists are defeated but they’ll return in future episodes. On the other hand, the students of Alzano Imperial Magic School are safe, especially Rumia Tingel.

However, her identity as Princess Ermiana remained in secret as Celica Arfonia told Glenn Radars to keep that reveal to himself for Rumia’s safety. I mean, there are many people who might get interested on Rumia’s amplifier ability.

But anyways, I have to say that Glenn Radars is so badass, yet I think he should eat lots of tomatoes in order not to lose more blood the next time Mr. Radars got impaled or used too much magic! Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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