Sakurada Reset Episode #03

Hello guys and girls as both Misora Haruki and Kei Asai are now senior high school students and they’re being watched by the Bureau by putting them to a Service Club, which is advised by Shintarou Tsushima because he doesn’t want kids with powers wrecking havoc in Sakurada.

Anyways, it’s time for Haruki and Asai to do their first mission as Ashiharabashi Service Club members…

…starting with Youka Murase who are asking them to revive her dead cat Mike, which it got run over by a car in front of a bakery.

Sounds like she wants Misora to use her resetting ability to undo the past, yet I wonder why Youka-san wanted to revive the cat in the first place?

But first, it’s time for both detectives to gather some information starting with Kei-kun as he calls a mysterious information broker named Hitsuchi-kun.

This guy on the phone won’t tell about Youka Murase or any sort of MacGuffin, which is the form of a missing cat on this case. However, Hitsuchi-kun told Asai that there’s one person who can find the cat Mike before its imminent doom…

That person happened to be a cat-lover named Seika Nono whose ability is to share information whenever she sets her eyes into one living creature, be it a person or a cat as Seika is fond of it.

However, Nono needs to clear her mind in order to find the missing cat like taking a nap. Eventually, Seika found out that Mike is fine but the cat was abducted by someone else.

So after Misora Haruki performing a reset once they gathered the necessary information, Kei Asai and his friends have finally found Mike safe and sound as Seika Nono approached the cat.

On the other hand, I wonder who kidnapped Mike in the first place if you may ask?

It turns out that it’s the requester Youka Murase who nabbed the cat. But why is she’s doing it…

…and why does Youka has powers that defy gravity by jumping higher to get away from the scene? Perhaps there’s speculation that Murase is testing both Haruki and Asai’s respective powers by asking them to resurrect a dead cat, which I believe that Youka didn’t own Mike in the first place.

Of course, I would like to know about Youka’s true intention on the next episode! One more thing, seems that Misora can’t perform a reset until she’s ready to do it again.

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