Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭ Episode #02

Here’s Utaha Kasumigaoka as she’s dating Mr. Ethical himself, Tomoya Aki. The reason why she’s treating Tomoya is because Utaha-sempai is finished writing the story for the visual novel’s last route. Now that she’s done her part, looks like Kasumigaoka will have to relax for a bit before going back to work on her light novel series.

Strangely enough, seems that Utaha-sempai is reading Kizumonogatari, which is weird because there’s a Kodansha Box light novel at a Fujimi Fantasia Bunko show! I guess Aniplex wants to insert their previous works into Saekano!

On the other hand, there’s Eriri Spencer Sawamura as she’s tailing both Utaha-sempai and Tomoya because Eriri is worried about having illicit relationship, which is unlikely because Mr. Ethical refused to give into his carnal desires for Kasumigaoka.

Also, there’s Megumi Kato on the background but she’s not that important… for now at least.

Anyways, both Utaha-sempai and Tomoya-kun are done with their date and they’re about to go on their separate ways.

Also, it’s revealed that Kasumigaoka is preparing for her college path after graduation, although it turns out that it wasn’t easy as Utaha-sempai will have to choose two universities: One from Tokyo and other one from the Kansai region. Although Kasumigaoka wanted to go to Kansai due to having a better academic program than in the Kanto region, Mr. Ethical wanted her to stay in Tokyo.

And that’s where Utaha-sempai gave him a USB Drive which contained an alternate version of the last route in addition of the original script. Picking which version of the last route will determine Kasumigaoka’s chosen university, although it won’t be the case in my opinion.

But let’s go straight to the revised version of the last route where the heroine Meguri is replaced by a similar character named Ruri. She still loved her brother though and when the final boss is about to destroy the world, Ruri sacrificed herself to save the world by the power of incest.

Yeah, it was a cliche ending to most people, but Tomoya Aki sees the revised version as better than the original one!

So much that he’s crying upon reading it. Oh Tomoya-kun, it’s true that the revised script would make you bawl, but you forgot one little thing… and that’s replacing the main heroine in the form of Ruri!

Hell, even Eriri thinks that tons of work for making Meguri as the main heroine will be all for naught if they choose the new heroine! Gotta say that Eriri whipping Tomoya with her twin-tails is still awesome.

Now then, let’s hope that Mr. Ethical will convince Utaha-sempai to stay in Tokyo on the next episode. Oh yeah, and let’s hope that the last story arc for their visual novel will have some compromises. I mean, you don’t want the main heroine being replaced by someone else…

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