Clockwork Planet Episode #03

Here’s Marie Bell Breguet as she asks Naoto Miura to give RyuZU back to her. Otherwise, Marie and her partner Vainney Halter will have no other choice but to kill Naoto-kun.

Of course, there’s one problem though as RyuZU isn’t just an automaton…

I mean, she was created by the mysterious Y and RyuZU is now Naoto’s property, so Marie attempting to murder Naoto would be suicidal as she and Halter would become mincemeat if they do that.

Well then Ms. Breguet, I guess it’s time to let Naoto keep RyuZU indefinitely!

Still, she and Halter will have some work to do as the Kyoto is about to be purged by the military and Vacheron. In fact, they’re hastening it right now that there’s not enough time to stop it!

Fortunately, Naoto Miura pointed out that the 24th floor at the Core Tower has some defects by using his supreme hearing skills. Yeah, it turns out that he’s got a good ear that Naoto fixed RyuZU after 206 years of slumber.

Anyways, it’s time for Naoto Miura and the gang to head straight to the Core Tower and stop the purge from happening.

And by the way, Marie Bell Breguet and Vainney Halter have left the Meister Guild by faking their deaths. Not sure if they convinced the guild about their faux demise…

…especially when the Core Tower is being guarded by fully-armed robots, ready to unleash hell at any moment?

But you know what, RyuZU thinks that the robots guarding the Core Tower are a pile of junk that needs to be scrapped until there’s nothing left!

So, RyuZU unleashed her super form using her Imaginary Gear, which turned out to be a time displacement module that accelerates RyuZU while everything slows down.

And by the way, Naoto Miura fixed that too so there’s nothing holding back for RyuZU. Heck, he was surprised that RyuZU changed her outfit into a pure white gown!

But anyways, the robots guarding the Core Tower are destroyed thanks to RyuZU. Of course, she can’t use it again for the time being…

Still, Naoto is impressed by RyuZU that he wants to marry her. That’s good and all but Naoto is too young to take an automaton as his wife!

Then again, nobody can stop Naoto from realizing his dreams especially after seeing RyuZU’s super mode! But first of all, I think he needs to stay focus on saving Kyoto from sinking into the abyss…

Anyways, tune in next week for the climax as Naoto Miura and the gang are inside the Core Tower!

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