Kabukibu! Episode #03

Here’s another kabuki play called “Struggle for the Carriage” where it shows little plot, but it has elaborate costumes and kumadori makeup.

Yeah, it’s easier to understand but Kurogo Kurusu will show more kabuki plays to his friends, even serious ones like the tragic “Temple School” and such.

Anyways, looks like Kaoru Asagi and Hanamichi Niwa are interested on this traditional performing art. Of course, Kurogo needs five people in order to function as a proper kabuki club.

Well, why not recruit a costume designer named Maruko Jyanome. Sure that she’s a bespectacled plain girl, but Maru-chan has experience on making costumes for cosplayers, both within and outside Japan.

Of course, making kabuki costumes will be a challenge for Jyanome since she haven’t seen one before…

Also, here’s another guy that Kurogo wanted to recruit in the beginning, but he’ll have to pass it for the time being.

Anyways, this guy with a wacky hairdo is named Shin Akutsu who is a illegitimate son of a kabuki performer, although I’m speculating whether his kabuki dad is really dead… or even alive. Oh yeah, and Shin is tone-deaf by the way.

Even though Akutsu won’t be joining the kabuki club for now, at least Kurusu has five members and he only need an advisor!

The problem is that the school needs someone who knows kabuki and teach them. Sure that Niwa-sempai can teach the club members some traditional dances, but learning kabuki is a different beast.

Oh yeah, and don’t count on Jin Ebihara though as he refused to cooperate with some amateurs like Kurogo Kurusu!

But that’s okay ’cause even though he’s more than a fan, Kurogo can teach the club members some kata, delivering lines, etc.

Heck, Kurusu even did an impression of Benten Kozo inside the faculty room, just to convince one teacher to become the advisor of the kabuki club. Even though it’s not perfect, at least his enthusiasm shows that Kurogo is serious on doing kabuki plays!

One last thing, here’s Jin Ebihara and he briefly saw Kurogo’s impression of Benten Kozo. Still, he won’t help Kurusu and the rest of the kabuki club because he seems them as an insult to the traditional art.

Anyways, the kabuki club has officially formed and let’s hope that they can do it seriously just to convince Ebihara to jump ship to Kurogo’s club! With that said, tune in next week for more Kabukibu!

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