Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai Episode #02

This is Belial, the Demon Lord of Vanity as she cursed Lucifer with the Garb of Punishment.

Sure that she banished the fallen angel away, but Belial shouldn’t become over-confident just because Lucifer recently become a potential Demon Lord!

Speaking of Lucifer, seems that she took Maria Totsuka’s heart after stabbing her with a spear.

Yet, Maria remained alive and Lucifer told her that she’s immortal… until the fallen angel decided to crush Maria’s heart that is!

Anyways, Lucifer and Leviathan got a place to stay at a hotel… for free!

C’mon, these two are devils and they can do whatever they want!

This includes forcing Maria to strip and take a plunge at the private pool. Yeah, that angle looks so tempting to look at!

But let’s move onto Lucifer as she’s starting to have an interest on Maria Totsuka, after taking her heart which I think Maria would have died there but didn’t happen.

This prompted Leviathan to get jealous at Maria. After all, she’s the Demon Lord of Envy and Leviathan doesn’t like being ignored by Lucifer-oneesama!

So when Lucifer is away, Leviathan tied Maria up until her mind is fully-broken.

Well, slut-shaming Maria Totsuka is the best method from Leviathan. I mean, she’s freaking jealous at her right now!

However, that’s not the case for Maria as she overcome Leviathan’s bondage magic and broke free from it.

Well, at least Maria Totsuka has devotion and honesty compared to the Demon Lord of Envy!

Oh, and it seems that Lucifer saw it all that she mocked Leviathan on how she lost to a mere human like Maria.

Anyways, Maria Totsuka is safe for now and since Lucifer is back from her brief trip across Tokyo…

…it’s time for the Demon Lord of Pride to indulge herself on sucking Maria’s tits. Well, I might get turned on by this!

Anyways, I’ll see you next week as Lucifer and her friends are planning to take a trip… to Miami, Florida, USA!

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