BanG Dream! Episode #13

Summer vacation is here in BanG Dream! and the students at Hanasakigawa Girls’ Academy are preparing their plans for their summer break.

This includes Kasumi Toyama and the rest of Poppin’ Party as they’re preparing their first (and last) gig at Live House Space!

But for some reason, looks like Kasumi is hugging her band-mates lately. Yeah, it’s cute but I feel that Arisa Ichigaya needs some hugging…

I mean, look at Kasumi-chan as she’s hugging the likes of Saya Yamabuki and Tae Hanazono, all while neglecting Arisa-chan.

Dammit Kasumi, Arisa needs your love for one last time!

Now let’s move onto Live House Space as Shifuna Tsuzuki has some final words before starting the last concert at the famous live house.

Yeah, it’s sucks that Space will be closed down once the concert is over, but I wish that there would be another place for the likes of Glitter☆Green and countless girl bands to perform and enjoy!

Speaking of Glitter☆Green, their performance is still hyped as ever since Yuri Ushigome and her band-mates stayed longer (much like how Milky Holmes still exists today) and they’re respected by everyone!

Next up is Saya Yamabuki’s former band-mates who formed their own band CHiSPA. Too bad that the anime didn’t briefly show their performance, but CHiSPA’s song is decent enough!

Y’know what, it would be nice if XEBEC and ISSEN show some other bands in BanG Dream! as Bushiroad made a smartphone game about it. Then again, I wonder if this show will have another season…

But anyways, it’s time for Poppin’ Party to take the stage as they take over from CHiSPA. Gotta have those girls to break a leg on their last performance!

And so, Poppin’ Party made an unforgettable performance in front of the crowd. So after many attempts on passing the audition, this is the result of their hard work after starting the band back in spring!

Heck, I’d say that they’re enjoying the moment even though Live House Space will be closed soon…

Oh yeah, it seems that their family is there to watch them rock it out! I’d say that they’re so proud of how their daughters accomplished!

And one last thing, here’s some cameo appearance from the smartphone game starting with Roselia. Like I said earlier, I think XEBEC and ISSEN should show some bands from Girls’ Band Party!

But anyways, that’s about it for BanG Dream! as it was a decent show to watch. Then again, if only XEBEC and ISSEN should make it more special. If they do that, fans and newcomers alike would get noticed and Bushiroad might support the franchise much like they did with Love Live!

With that said, it’s time to say goodbye to Poppin’ Party as they finished their gig with a bang… unless Bushiroad unexpectedly announced a second season of BanG Dream!

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