Eromanga-sensei Episode #03

Well you look at that, Megumi Jinno brought the whole class just to get Sagiri Izumi out of her room!

Of course, Masamune Izumi told Megumin and her classmates to go home because Sagiri can’t go outside yet.

On the other hand, Megumi told Masamune that there’s a rumor that a ghost is roaming inside an old mansion, which is standing beside the Izumi residence. Neat, now we have some scary stuff on this show!

Hell, even Sagiri is scared that the ghost is playing the piano, which she couldn’t concentrate on drawing artwork thanks to that!

Well Masamune-kun, why not check it out to see if there’s a ghost inside the old mansion.

So when Masamune Izumi went to the mansion to check it out, what he saw wasn’t a ghost…

…but rather a familiar person who is buck-naked while playing the piano. Can you tell who this person is?

For those who answered Elf Yamada, then get yourself a pat in the back ’cause she’s here in Tokyo because her light novel will have an anime adaptation. Oh yeah, and she bought the mansion thanks to that!

Well then, looks like Masamune’s rival has arrived to take Sagiri away from him.

Of course, Masamune issued a challenge to Elf Yamada on making the best light novel that’s worthy for Eromanga-sensei. Then again, Elf Yamada believes that she’ll win because of how popular her work is, despite the fact that she write novels as a hobby rather than a serious job like Masamune did.

But you know what, let’s see about that as I’ll see you next week to see whose novelist reigns supreme! Then again, Sagiri is worried that Masamune is flirting with the girl next door…

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