Re:CREATORS Episode #03

Here’s Mamika Kirameki and she’s frightened that her actions have hurt people instead of helping them. Also, her tears doesn’t work when Mamika is up against Yuuya Mirokuji, who’s even more pissed than ever before!

But speaking of Mirokuji, looks like he got interrupted by this Pegasus Knight named Alisteria February, who came from a multi-media franchise named “Alisteria of the Scarlet”.

And judging from rescuing Mamika Kirameki, it appears that Alisteria was told by the military-clad princess about the world of the gods and was forced to join her side.

Anyways, looks like the battle is over for now. But then again, both Mamika and Alisteria will return to confront Selesia and her friends in the future.

Now let’s talk about Yuuya Mirokuji was confronted by the military-clad princess, but Mirokuji told the princess that he’s not interested in the her cause. Of course, Yuuya told them that if he met his creator, Mirokuji would ask him/her about revising his character traits.

Still, at least Yuuya Mirokuji is not allied with the military-clad princess.

Meanwhile, let’s go back to Selesia Yupitilia as she argues with her creator Takashi Matsubara on how she was portrayed as a weak character.

Um Selesia, do you want to get spoiled on what happened to your series? I mean, there are twists here and there in the manga than in the anime.

On the other hand, Matsubara-san brought his illustrator Marine in regards to the current situation.

Of course, the reason why the illustrator is here because Meteora Estherreich wanted to do an experiment which involves changing the character’s traits as Mirokuji mentioned earlier.

Meanwhile, here’s a rare conversation between Souta Mizushino and Selesia Yupitilia.

Sure that Souta wanted to make his own story one day if it wasn’t for this mess, but Selesia told him to go for it and realize his dreams! I mean, Mizushino has some unfinished work.

Anyways, it’s time for Meteora’s experiment as she told both Takashi Matsubara and Marine to change Selesia’s traits. Heck, Marine went as far as making a new illustration.

Of course, the only way to have Meteora’s hypothesis work is to have Selesia test it out!

So when Selesia Yupitilia uttered a new spell that was created by Matsubara, just by writing it down in his manuscript, the only result that Selesia has…

…is nothing. That’s right, it didn’t work out as intended and it seems Meteora Estherreich thinks that there’s some missing element regarding this experiment.

Anyways, the experiment failed for now but Marine told Meteora that she’s planning to work at the company that made “Recollection of Avalken”, which is a golden opportunity to see the creator of the online role-playing game.

Finally, here’s the military-clad princess as she thinks that Souta Mizushino is the one who banished a person named Setsuna, thus the princess plotting a revenge against Mizushino. But come to think of it, I wonder if that Setsuna person happened to be a girl who committed suicide on the first episode?

With that said, it’s gonna be interesting on the next episode. I mean, I’m curious to see who that Setsuna person is…

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  1. I’m also curious to see who setsuna especially if it might be the girl who committed suicide, thanks for pointing that out by the way because it is a very interesting idea. I’m also interested for the next episode in general too.

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