Little Witch Academia Episode #16

Here’s Professor Croix and while she’s aiming for the world reconstruction magic, Croix won’t be involved on this week’s episode!

Anyways, let’s go back to Atsuko Kagari as she visits Lotte Yanson’s house together with Suzy Manbavaran.

Gotta say, Lotte’s family is so jolly to see their daughter return, as well as meeting her friends and inviting them for a pie feast!

Yeah, Lotte’s parents are asking both Akko and Suzy to have a taste of Hapansilakka pie. I’m curious to see what their reaction like when Akko and Sucy eat that pie!

Well, Sucy loves eating it but as for Akko-chan, I guess she doesn’t like it at all.

Could it be that the Hapansilakka pie has a different taste that only Kagari couldn’t bear? You’ll be the judge to that!

But then again, there’s another reason why the pie didn’t taste good for Akko as it turns out that the Hapansilakka pie is made of moss, which fully-cover a person into that green stuff until it withers away!

Worst of all, it appears that this phenomenon is some sort of disease which it could be deadly once the perfect conditions are met.

Yeah, seems that Atsuko Kagari’s friends and Lotte’s family are gonna bite the dust if she can’t act soon enough! Heck, Akko is the only hope who can make an antidote on the Greenman Disease!

Anyways, it’s the race against the clock as Kagari must gather ingredients from far-flung places in order to cure her friends.

And once she got all 5 ingredients to make an antidote, Akko mixed it right away but something’s missing…

Well, it turns out that Kagari needs to utter the fourth magic word in order for her Shiny Rod to make another miracle!

So, Kagari unlocked the fourth word and the pot that contained the antidote has changed its color into a rainbow!

Not only that, but Akko’s Shiny Rod has changed into a sprinkler that shoots out the antidote like a fountain. But let’s see if her antidote would work?

Luckily for Kagari, all her efforts are not in vain when Suzy Manbavaran, Lotte Yanson and her family returned to normal.

Yeah, glad that they live for another episode and Akko is getting better in magic!

And that’s about it for this week’s episode of Little Witch Academia as everything went back to normal. Also, would it be better if Lotte’s family made a better-tasting pie next time…

One more thing, it won’t be a matter of time for Kagari to create a miracle in the future as there are three sacred words remaining to unlock the Grand Triskelion!

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  1. syand says:

    Hapansilakka is a fermented herring, Finland’s namecalling for Surströmming.

    From what I heard, it’s a crazily unique delicacy that needed a crazily unique bud taste to consider it tasty XD

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