Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode #04

This is Queen Alicia VII and while she’s the current monarch of the Alzano Empire, Queen Alicia has one regret… and that’s leaving her daughter behind!

Well, I have to say that Alicia’s daughter (now named Rumia Tingel) is okay, but I have to say that the queen needs to show how she cares about her long-lost daughter.

Meanwhile, it’s time for the magic competition as Glenn Radars will lead Class 2 to victory… because he bet his 3 months worth of salary to get more money!

I don’t know if he’s capable of leading the class to overall wins, but let’s see if Mr. Radars can pull it off!

Of course, Glenn Radars will have to beat Halley Astry’s Class 1 as they’re fully-prepared to win it all. Oh, and Mr. Halley bet his own salary too because why not!

Anyways, let’s get on with the competition as we go straight to the mental endurance contest.

Oh yeah, this guy named Count Zest is such a lech that the faculty are planning to fire him after this. I mean, Count Zest wants to molest girls!

In any case, here’s the competition as Rumia Tingel faced-off against Jaill. Will she endure Zest’s pressure?

Well, it turns out that Rumia simply fell down but she’s still conscious. Gotta say that Rumia is tough!

But then again, Mr. Radars and Sistine Fibel told her to forfeit the match as Rumia Tingel did well despite coming a bit short.

Great job for Rumia-chan, but what about the last year’s champion Jaill?

Oh, seems that he lost consciousness while standing up. So I guess that it’s Rumia Tingel who won the mental endurance contest, huh?

Regardless, there’s still more to come on the next episode!

Unfortunately, it appears that the competition might be ruined with these two people. Ugh, I wonder if they’re aiming for Rumia Tingel or even Glenn Radars?

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