Sakurada Reset Episode #04

Well, seems that this episode has a ghost in the form of Mirai Minami, whose ability is to go out from her body and roam around freely,

Sadly for Minami, she can’t go back to her own body as Mirai was apparently dead, being stuck as a ghost indefinitely.

In fact, turns out that she was killed by Hitsuchi-kun, which even has a more baffling ability where he sucks information as nourishment.

Yeah, it’s kinda scary to think that Hitsuchi-kun is like a vampire, feeding information instead of blood!

But the worst thing that happened on this episode was the return of Youka Murase, and damn she’s in a bad mood right now as Youka-san wants both Kei Asai and Misora Haruki dead.

By the way, she has another ability where Murase can erase everything with her right hand or even her own body!

And since Kei-kun can’t deal with Youka-san for the time being, he orders Misora to perform a reset.

Of course, she’ll return at some point as it turns out that Murase hated the Bureau for letting her brother die in an accident.

Meanwhile, here’s Shintarou Tsushima as he asked both Asai and Haruki to find a MacGuffin. No, it’s not a cat this time, but it’s actually an object that can use all powers as long as the wielder can use it in Sakurada.

Naturally, a person possessing the MacGuffin would be dangerous, so Tsushima-sensei ordered them to go to Ryouji Yoshi…

…better known as Hitsuchi-kun as he regretted on murdering Mirai Minami later on, but Hitsuchi-kun told them that he doesn’t have the MacGuffin.

Instead, the MacGuffin was held by none other than Mirai Minami, who is apparently alive on the second timeline.

As for the MacGuffin, it turns out that it’s just a small black pebble but does it have the power to control all abilities? We’ll never know…

On the other hand, looks like Youka-san is interested on the MacGuffin and therefore stole it from Mirai-chan.

Yeah, it’s a bad situation now that Murase has the MacGuffin, which she can use it to topple the Bureau whenever Youka-san wanted to!

Thus, it’s time for Round 2 between Kei Asai and Youka Murase. While he can dodge Youka’s attacks with relative ease…

…Kei-kun got tripped and he’s at the mercy of Youka-san. So while Youka will murder him, Asai told Murase to give up the fight and reform the Bureau upon joining them.

Anyways, Kei Asai has been killed by Youka Murase and I have to say that it was a gruesome death!

Oh and without Asai, Haruki can’t perform a reset as she’s starting to shed tears… until Tomoki Nakano relayed the message (in Kei’s voice) to Misora to perform a reset right away.

And so, Misora Haruki did another reset and look what we have here, seems that Kei Asai is back good as new!

But as for Youka Murase, seems that she finally give up and therefore joined the Bureau. On the other hand, I wonder what happened to the MacGuffin? Then again, I feel that it might be lost forever.

Anyways, that’s about it for this week’s episode! While Youka Murase got some sort of closure, I feel that both Mirai Minami and Hitsuchi-kun needs some character development, so maybe we’ll see them return in future episodes.

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