Atom: The Beginning Episode #03

This guy might look like Shunsaku Ban, but it’s not ’cause it’s actually his father Kensaku.

Anyways, Kensaku Ban is at Nerima University doing detective work. Honestly, I don’t think he’s allowed to do investigation inside the school campus!

Eventually, he got caught up with both Ran Ochanomizu and A106 as they suspect Kensaku Ban as a suspicious person. I mean, who in the right mind to search something without permission in the junkyard near Laboratory 7?

Anyways, Kensaku told Ran and A106 the truth of why he’s at Nerima University as this detective is finding a robot pet named Malon, which is discontinued a few years ago but Kensaku’s client wanted to see it back.

With that said, Hiroshi Ochanomizu and Motoko Tsutsumi volunteered to help Kensaku-san on finding Malon. And don’t worry though, Hiroshi will be rewarded with cash since he and Umataro needed the money to fund their project.

Still, Kensaku Ban would rather do old-fashioned style of finding the target than using robots!

Meanwhile for Umataro Tenma, he’s doing the opposite of Kensaku-san as he rely on A106 to find Malon and show Mr. Mustachio that his methods are obsolete!

Eventually, Umataro, Ran-chan, and Six find this person who is holding the robot pet…

…but eventually turned out to be a different model named Matsutaro. Well, looks like Tenma couldn’t beat Mr. Mustachio at his own game!

Later, Kensaku Ban and his investigation team went to see this person, which turned out the owner of both Matsutaro and Malon.

In fact, this guy cherishes both robot pets because it shares a connection to his late wife.

But anyways, the search continues and it turns out that Malon went down the hole near the construction site.

Of course, it’s dangerous to go deeper because there are toxic gases that might be hazardous by humans upon inhaling it… or even worse by triggering an explosion.

So, it’s up to Six who will rescue Malon before its battery runs out!

See, A106 managed to find the robot pet with relative ease. Gotta say that Umataro’s engineering skills has made Six into a super fighting robot!

And lastly, A106 jumped so high that Tenma is in awed to see it. But anyways, the case ends where Six finished the job of finding Malon and giving it back to its owner.

And look how Matsutaro have finally reunited with his partner Malon. Aww, isn’t it cute?

Meanwhile, seems that both Umataro and Hiroshi will be rewarded by Kensaku-san after finding the robot pet.

Oh, and he offered them a part-time job since they need more money to perfect A106’s Bewusstsein System.

Anyways, all’s well that ends well for this week’s episode, and gotta say that the owner of both Matsutaro and Malon is happy to see his pets returned in his wife’s memory!

With that said, I’ll see you next week but I’m worried that A106 might attract some shady people who are interested in the Bewusstsein System…

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  1. Ok, I gotta up my anime game. I feel like I’m slacking. I haven’t even started watching this yet. I don’t know why not – I really enjoyed AstroBoy. Shame on me. And thanks to you for posting this.

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