Clockwork Planet Episode #04

This is Conrad, one of the engineers who are preventing the Kyoto purge from ever happening.

Of course, Marie Bell Breguet told him that there’s one person who will pinpoint any abnormalities…

…which happened to be Naoto Miura as he does his usual thing of hearing any gears grinding strangely with his supreme hearing skills.

And look, he found some defects right away that it saves time for Conrad’s team to work those bugs out!

Still, Marie Bell Breguet needs a plan to find the location of the defective gears efficiently ’cause even though Naoto can find the defects with his hearing alone, someone needs to coordinate with Conrad’s team.

Anyways, the team went straight into repairing defective gears to prevent the purge from happening.

Thanks to Naoto’s ability and Marie’s planning, Conrad’s team can finish the repairs without hitting some setbacks!

And speaking of Marie, looks like she can fix the gears with her special screwdriver, which she throws it at the gear and the screwdriver do the rest of the repairs upon contact.

Gotta say that Marie is a badass engineer that she can throw screwdrivers like a ninja would do!

Thanks to the repairs from Conrad’s team, the Kyoto purge was finally prevented with a few minutes to spare.

Well, at least millions of people won’t be killed by the purge!

However, seems that the military commenced the purge right away despite the repairs. Yeah, all their efforts were all for naught!

But there’s still some hope as Marie suggested to Naoto on using RyuZU’s Imaginary Gear to distort time or even reverses gravity in the case of Kyoto.

Sadly, he’ll rather have RyuZU live instead of countless civilians as Naoto cherish his automaton very much!

However, RyuZU has other plans as she stabbed herself to take her own heart away from her body, which will be used to lift the Kyoto grid up from the abyss!

And so, Naoto Miura can’t help it but watch RyuZU’s heart being pushed to the limit…

…all while Marie Bell Breguet trying to hold Kyoto in its place when the Imaginary Gear is activated.

Now if Marie failed to fixed Kyoto in time, she’ll get the axe and probably getting hated by Naoto for destroying his waifu’s heart!

Meanwhile in an undisclosed location, the army is shocked that the Kyoto purge is failing as the city is starting to lift itself up thanks to RyuZU’s heart that reverses the gravity pull.

For Limons though, seems that his plans on discredit Marie Bell Breguet and her family has been ruined in front of his eyes!

Yeah, take that for ruining Marie’s plan you bastard! Anyways, Kyoto is safe thanks to Marie Bell Breguet.

Of course, Naoto will have to save RyuZU’s heart before it’s gone forever.

Even though he managed to yank it away, Naoto Miura will have to fix it or RyuZU will go back to her long slumber.

Meanwhile, here’s RyuZU as she’s about to take her eternal sleep when she saw tons of gears starting to stand up and spin.

Well, does automaton dream? Gotta say that RyuZU is doing it!

Of course, Naoto doesn’t want to lose RyuZU as he tries to fix her until she’s fully-operational.

And once Naoto did that, he was greeted by RyuZU as she thanked him for repairing her heart.

Yeah, Naoto felt a sigh of relief as he successfully revived RyuZU. Well, at least this episode got a good ending, but I wonder what happened to Limons after seeing his plan shattered?

In any case, I’ll see you on the next episode as Naoto Miura and his friends are going to the beach!

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