Eromanga-sensei Episode #04

This is Elf Yamada as she shows how good her cooking is to Masamune Izumi. Oh yeah, and it tastes good too but would it be better if Elf Yamada would make a manuscript right away instead of pulling an all-nighter?

Meanwhile, Sagiri Izumi is so mad at Masamune-kun that she called her brother a liar for visiting Elf Yamada’s house most of the time.

Can’t be helped then because Elf Yamada has a refined taste when it comes to various things apart from creating novels. Oh, and let’s not forget of how she’s in the nude at one point.

With that said, let’s go and make a novel for Sagi- I mean Eromanga-sensei as Masamune Izumi spend his time working on a manuscript that conveys his feelings towards the illustrator. So making a novel about a little sister… reminds me of OreImo. Hell, Masamune is making a similar story about it!

As for Elf Yamada, she’s gonna pull an all-nighter into making a manuscript that would be accepted by Dengeki Bunko and become the hottest light novel around, much like Sword Art Online and Mahouka.

So when Masamune Izumi brought his manuscript to Elf Yamada, she reacted a strange way that this pompous novelist was admitting defeat.

Elf Yamada-sensei was like “how come this novel can’t attract the audience, yet the story is so sincere that it targets a certain person?” while getting embarrassed on why novel is so erotic yet it’s trash compared to Masamune. Don’t wreck his manuscript though!

And so, Elf Yamada lost the battle but she told Masamune to show it to Eromanga-sensei, which Elf Yamada knows her identity. Oh boy, seems that she knows about Masamune’s sister.

Anyways, Masamune went to see Sagiri and show his manuscript to his sister. Well, Masamune managed to jump from Elf Yamada’s balcony to Eromanga-sensei’s room without any major injuries!

So when Sagiri read Masamune’s manuscript, she felt embarrassed yet his feelings are so sincere that Sagiri wants to work with Masamune forever. Hell, Masamune might turn his manuscript into a multi-media franchise much like OreImo!

But with that said, I’ll see you on the next episode and let’s hope he and Sagiri’s dreams will come true!

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