Kabukibu! Episode #04

This is Tonbo Murase as a young boy who is always getting bullied… a lot! So much that he moved to another place.

Not only that, but Tonbo met a young Kurogo Kurusu where they become friends ever since. I mean, Kurogo is a nice guy!

But anyways, let’s go back to the present as the kabuki cl- I mean group are doing physical training because performing at a live audience needs a lot of energy to do a whole show.

This includes the backstage staff like Maruko Jyanome where even though she’s only gonna do costumes, Maru-chan needs to assists the actors when it’s their turn to appear like adjusting their outfits and makeup.

One last thing though, this training would benefit Maru-chan a lot as she can make more costumes now that Jyanome has a lot of stamina!

Now then, the kabuki group will be performing “Three Kichisas” at a home for the elderly in just a few days.

And while the group is doing fine for the most part, there’s one weakness though as Kurogo is the weakest when it comes to performing kabuki. As much as he’s enthusiastic about it, Kurusu isn’t a good performer.

In fact, Jin Ebihara allegedly sneak in to see the group’s performance as told Kurusu that it’s still amateurish. Well, it’s performed by amateurs at all!

Of course, Ebihara told Kurusu that he’s sucks at acting that it sickens Jin pretty much. But you know what, let Kurogo show him that his enthusiasm will turn into an actual performance!

And so, it’s time for the main event as the kabuki group are performing “Three Kichisas” in front of the elderly crowd.

So far, it’s looking good for the group as both Hanamichi Niwa and Kaoru Asagi are doing well in their respective roles.

But when it’s Kurogo Kurusu’s turn, seems that his nervousness got him collapsed. Not a good sign there!

Heck, even Maruko Jyanome is panicking that he’s due to appear on stage, but end up getting fainted instead.

So with Kurogo down, who will take his role at the last minute?

Well, this guy as Shin Akutsu takes the stage and performed well without any makeup. Despite his claims that he hates kabuki, seems that Shin did a spectacular job that I believe that he’s the one who sneaked into the kabuki group’s training session.

But you know what, I think it’s time for Akutsu to join the kabuki group, which would become a club thanks to this stunning performance! Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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