Re:CREATORS Episode #04

Here’s Meteora Estherreich as she went to Titan Digital Soft together with Marine in order to find the creator of Avalken.

Sadly, what they find out was kinda depressing…

It turns out that the producer of “Recollection of Avalken” has died on a motorcycle accident at the age of 30. Yeah, it’s kinda sad that Meteora’s creator died at a young age. I mean, she’s looking forward to ask questions on why her world was created. On the other hand, seems that Meteora can still exist even after the creator passed away.

But anyways, Meteora was so devastated about the news that she went to an internet cafe and played Avalken… until she cleared the game. Wow, can’t believe that Meteora lamented the loss of her creator in an extreme way!

But after playing the game until the end, Meteora Estherreich realized that her creator did care about the world of Avalken that she treasure it. Also, Meteora told them that she wanted to prevent other worlds from colliding each other to the point that the real world can’t take it and perform a reset.

Well, I have to say that Meteora didn’t just throw everything away and let the world destroy itself. Of course, she needed the likes of Selesia Yupitilia, Souta Mizushino, and countless creators to band together and prevent the great destruction from happening.

Meanwhile, here’s Alisteria February as she wants to save her world from numerous wars and suffering…

…even as far as telling her creator to rewrite all of story from her series “Alisteria of the Scarlet”.

Y’know Alisteria, that won’t do any favors because Selesia tried that when Takashi Matsubara and Marine came up with a new ability, which it didn’t work unless there’s some kind of catalyst.

Meanwhile, here’s another character named Blitz Talker who came from a cyberpunk multi-media franchise called “code.Babylon” and he’s allied with the military-clad princess.

Of course, we don’t know what Blitz is aiming for but he’s not as desperate as Alisteria February.

As for Alisteria, she’s having dinner with Mamika Kirameki, which is nice to see a magical girl sharing a meal.

And by the way, Alisteria is eating instant curry… which has Mamika labeled in it.

Lastly, here’s Takashi Matsubara as he got a call from his colleague who got a bit of a problem. Could it be related to some fictional characters appearing in the real world?

Anyways, this is Nakanogane from Studio Urban as he’s troubled that his character Rui Kanoya came into his house… along with his giant robot called Gigas Machina!

And this is Rui Kanoya from “Infinite Divine Machine Mono Magia” where he’s enjoying a meal at the creator’s house. Yeah, seems that Matsubara-san isn’t alone when it comes to their creations moving out to the real world!

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode and let’s hope that it won’t be as bad as the military-clad princess getting batshit insane and destroying everything.

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