Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai Episode #03

Well everyone, Lucifer and her friends have arrived at the city of Miami, where they’ll encounter the Demon Lord of Lust named Asmodeus!

Yeah, she’s chillin’ it and everyone are fawning over her. Not surprising since Asmodeus encapsulates everything that is lewd!

And speaking of Lucifer, she’ll do her own thing by dousing Maria Totsuka with water…

…which her special swimsuit would go transparent and shows her tits. Would it be better if Maria’s swimsuit can disintegrate upon getting contact with water?

But let’s go back to Asmodeus as she’s hitting the pole with style and grace! Would it be better if TNK animate this pole dancing scene much like the first ending of Highschool DxD…

Of course, seems that Maria couldn’t stand it. Well, she came from a catholic school after all but that prompted Asmodeus to target Maria Totsuka.

Hell, she even kidnapped Lucifer’s pet and submit her into a lustful submission! Would it be bad if Lucifer got NTR’d by Asmodeus in regards to Maria Totsuka?

I mean, Asmodeus is doing it by the book: From suckling Maria’s boobs to rubbing her crotch!

Then again, all things must come to an end when Lucifer arrived.

Of course, Asmodeus told the fallen angel that Maria Totsuka is her property, which Lucifer refuted that she still has Maria’s heart!

Still, Asmodeus won’t give in to Lucifer’s demands so the Demon Lord of Lust took a page on her playbook: Tentacle Rape!

Strangely enough, seems that Lucifer didn’t fight back when being wrapped around.

Not only that, but Asmodeus is getting turned on upon seeing Lucifer being molested by tentacles. Really Asmodeus, your depravity is off the charts!

In any case, looks like both Asmodeus and Lucifer just came and damn, I gotta say that it’s the weirdest way for the fallen angel to beat the Demon Lord of Lust… in her own game!

With that said, Lucifer broke free from those slimy tentacles. Seriously, I’m totally lost on this episode!

Now that the fallen angel claimed victory against Asmodeus, it appears that she’ll take the role as the Demon Lord of Lust, right?

Nah, Lucifer ain’t gonna take Asmodeus’ seat as she spared her life. C’mon, Lucifer is aiming for something bigger by beating Belial and claim her throne!

With that said, Asmodeus has been defeated as Lucifer took Maria Totsuka back from the Demon Lord of Lust.

Of course, Lucifer will have to beat the remaining demon lords before taking on Belial. Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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