Little Witch Academia Episode #17

On this week’s episode, Atsuko Kagari is excited to find and activate the next word. Meanwhile for Amanda O’Neill though, seems that she’s planning to leave Luna Nova for some unspecified reasons.

But anyways, Akko has a clue on where to activate the next word, as there’s a rumor that the Holy Grail located in Appleton Academy will be the catalyst for chanting the fifth word. But there’s a problem…

You see, Appleton Academy is an all-boys school and they don’t like outsiders, especially witches who are consider them as a nuisance.

Therefore, Amanda transformed herself as a guy while Akko turned into a rat. Well, it can’t be helped since Kagari is still a newbie.

On the other hand, Amanda O’Neil encountered this pompous upper-class twit named Louis Blackwell and like any other student whose father are part of the parliament, he’s aiming to succeed his father and become a better statesman.

Then again, the fact that Louis hates witches might reconsider his ambitions ’cause he might be seen as an asshole to everyone! By the way, where’s Akko-chan if you may ask?

Well, she went to the church where it contains the Holy Grail. Not sure if it holds the secret on unlocking the fifth word though.

Unfortunately, both Amanda and Akko are captured and- Wait a minute, are those Appleton students are wearing Ku Klux Klan masks!?

Not to mention having medieval torture devices that supposed to be banned? Wow, the students at Appleton Academy are gentlemen on the outside, but barbarians on the inside when it comes to dealing with witches!

Good thing Andrew Hanbridge have arrived to stop his class-mates from doing barbaric things to outsiders.

And as you can see from his reaction, he’s not amused including his friends dressing up as Ku Klux Klan members!

Anyways, as gentlemen of Appleton Academy, Andrew proposes an alternate way to settle things with the witches…

And that’s a sword duel between Louis Blackwell and Amanda O’Neil. Sure that Louis has the edge when it comes to sword-fighting, but Amanda has some tools to beat this twat without magic!

Well, Amanda can just use her gymnastic skills to spin-kick Louis until he’s down for the count!

See, she’s won the fight fair and square as Amanda told this chap to give up already. Then again, it’s not like Louis Blackwell would listen to a witch anyway!

So, he took the Holy Grail and smash it on the floor as if they really own the damn thing, where in truth is that Appleton Academy owned the grail since its founding.

Hello Mr. Blackwell, have you realized that you destroyed one of Appleton’s prized possessions!?

Suddenly, some black cubes appeared out of the Holy Grail and come to think of it, seems that it belonged to a certain professor who uses modern magic.

That’s right, it’s Professor Croix and I gotta say that it’s one of her nefarious deeds to wider her influence or somethings.

And this is what happens to those who break the Holy Grail (Well, blame Croix for that) and Louis Blackwell is scared that one part of the armor is being attached to his body.

Oh, and here’s the rest of the armor as it’s attracting Louis and started assimilating this idiot until it’s complete, all thanks to Croix’s modern magic!

Gotta say that Louis Blackwell is too scared to die just yet!

Fortunately, Amanda O’Neil got some backup when Andrew Hanbridge gave her the leyline router to use her magic.

And look, she changed the form of her sword into a broad one thanks to her magic.

With one clear strike to the helmet, Amanda O’Neil managed to stop the armor from hurting other people at the academy.

Of course, Professor Croix’s machinations has got away to be used as data.

Well, seems that Amanda is the MVP for this week’s episode and I have to say that she won’t have to leave Luna Nova now that she rescued someone like Louis Blackwell, despite being an idiot and all that!

Also, Louis Blackwell apologized to his father for causing trouble. I mean, who in the right mind to use torture against witches while breaking Appleton Academy’s Holy Grail. Honestly, only a few people like Andrew Hanbridge are tolerable while the rest are a bunch of bigoted idiots! No one is gonna lead a country with that mentality!

Anyways, all’s well that ends well for this week’s episode but I feel that Professor Croix is getting all the pieces together to turn the world upside-down…

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