Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode #05

Here’s Glenn Radars, weak and very hungry after training the students of Class 2 to win the magic competition.

In fact, they’re leading the standing but it seems that Mr. Radars put too much effort (and money) to win it all that he forgot to buy some food to fill his stomach.

Not to worry though as Rumia Tingel is here to bring him sandwiches which are made by Sistine Fibel.

Well, Sistine couldn’t give Mr. Radars one sandwich because of her “tsundere” reasons, but Rumia giving him was like an angel descended from the heavens to save Glenn’s soul!

Meanwhile, here’s Queen Alicia VII as she takes a stroll to find her long-lost daughter, although it would be better if she got some guards to accompany her.

On the other hand, seems that Queen Alicia knows Glenn Radars but let’s talk about the queen seeing her daughter Rumia (or Princess Ermiana) again.

However, it appears that she can’t talk to her real mother as Rumia told Queen Alicia that she got the wrong person to talk with.

Well, I have to say that Rumia Tingel isn’t ready to accept Queen Alicia as her mother since she was abandoned 3 years ago. Besides, Sistine Fibel’s parents have already accepted her as part of the family so it’s understandable on how she’s feeling a bit alienated towards Queen Alicia.

Fortunately, Glenn Radars managed to caught up with Rumia Tingel and he understand about her plight.

Also, Mr. Radars told Rumia that he was part of the imperial forces and thus he knows about the queen. Of course, Glenn left the military due to some differences that we might not know about until you read the novels.

Suddenly, a group of Imperial Guards approached Rumia Tingel and accused her of assassinating the queen, which is false because Queen Alicia wanted to see her daughter.

Hmm, something is fishy in regards to the Imperial Guard… Are they staging a coup!?

Fortunately, Glenn Radars is quick to his feet as he cast a spell Flash Light to blind the enemy…

…and knock them out when they’re dazed and confused. Well, gotta say that Mr. Radars is one badass teacher!

Still, he and Rumia Tingel are in danger as while the magic competition is on-going, seems that the Imperial Guards have held both Celica Arfonia and Queen Alicia VII hostage.

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode… Also, who cares about the bet when the guards are on a riot!

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