Sakurada Reset Episode #05

Here’s something that you might find it interesting, a character that was voiced by none other than Rikako Aida. Yes, also known as the voice behind Riko Sakurauchi!

Anyways, this is Sawako Sera who is obsessed with things that are pure and SHINY~! Also, Sawako followed the rules very much by heart… until she decided to break one rule by getting late at the entrance ceremony.

Meanwhile, here’s both Kei Asai and Misora Haruki as they’re briefly called by Shintarou Tsushima to do a task as part of the Service Club.

Anyways, their task revolves around Sawako Sera who collapsed in front of the school entrance.

While her body is brought to the infirmary, it seems that Sawako’s conscience went somewhere…

…which turned out that Sera is inside a marble as both Asai and Haruki found out. Well, I have to say that this case is interesting.

So while Tsushima-sensei ordered them to perform a reset right away, Asai wanted to learn more about Sera and why she’s inside the marble in the first place.

It turns out that Sawako Sera is a very diligent girl from elementary to high school where her classmates call her as “Student Monitor”, which is not an insult by the way but rather a moniker that was stuck to her because of her rule-abiding behavior. And as for her obsession with pure and shiny things? It came from Sawako’s teacher during middle school where she gave Sawako that idea after receiving some candy.

With all the pieces gathered and fit together, it’s time for Kei-kun to order Misora to perform a reset.

Once Haruki performed the reset, Asai proceeds to take the marble that caused Sera to go inside of it in the first place.

Well, at least Kei rescued Sawako from having her soul trapped to a marble!

And when Kei-kun met Sawako on her way to school, he told her that it’s okay to eat candy outside of the school grounds and it’s okay to follow the school rules.

Not sure if what he said would be helpful to Sawako Sera, but at least she won’t use her ability for now.

Well then, that’s about it for this week’s episode! I have to say kudos to Rikako Aida for voicing Sawako Sera, but I feel that Kei Asai and Misora Haruki’s solution for this episode might be a temporary one.

Now then, I’ll see you next week as I’m hoping that someone would pose a threat, especially when it comes to Misora’s resetting ability!

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