Clockwork Planet Episode #05

Here’s some random group of people from the military who are investigating something…

But what they find was something dangerous that everyone got wiped out upon seeing it!

Meanwhile, Marie Bell Breguet and Vainney Halter are taking their vacation after saving the Kyoto Grid from being purged. BTW, since Marie Bell Breguet faked her death to get away from Vacheron, she’s now living under the alias of Maëribell Halter.

On the other hand, I wonder where is Naoto Muira and RyuZU? I mean, they’re the heroes that stopped the Kyoto purge.

Well, RyuZU is here wearing a bikini that would make Naoto’s heart go wild. I mean, she’s got that great figure that everyone (including Naoto) would make their crotch on fire!

And here’s Naoto Miura, using an old-style camera because microprocessors, flash cards, and other digital stuff are non-existent. It’s powered by gears much like everything else on this show!

In any case, they’re having fun under the sun and I think they won’t find any trouble on this week’s episode.

Well I lied, they found something eerie at Mie Grid like there’s no gears grinding to power up the city.

Oh, and let’s not forget some military personnel lying on the ground as if they’re dead! Hmm, something’s fishy going on that prompted Marie Bell or Maëribell to investigate,

And what they found underneath Mie Grid was so shocking that she questioned on why the military would do such a thing.

As you can see, it’s a giant automaton which is made by tons of gears gutted out from the Mie Grid. Why the military and Vacheron would make this monstrosity is beyond my comprehension!

On the other hand, they would have to deal with another automaton in which Naoto Miura is looking forward to meet her.

This is AnchoR and she’s not in the mood to welcome her guests as AnchoR wants Naoto and his friends dead! Well, so much for Naoto’s ogling on this cute automaton.

Anyways, looks like there would be a battle against AnchoR on the next episode!

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