Kabukibu! Episode #05

Continuing from last week’s episode, looks like the Kabuki Group felt speechless that Shin Akutsu went to the stage instead of Kurogo Kurusu, and performed flawlessly despite sneaking up to the group’s practice session.

But hey, at least the group’s performance of “Three Kichisas” went smoothly without a hitch!

But anyways, Shin “Jophiel” Akutsu has officially joined the kabuki club or should I say the kabuki group because they didn’t met the club requirements yet.

Along with Riri Miwayama, seems that the group is slowly growing to be one of the greatest clubs around.

Unfortunately, some people don’t like his cocky attitude as well as his hair. Take Maruko Jyanome for example as she punched Shin Akutsu to the gut!

Well Jophiel, better retire your alter-ego and change your hair color back to an original one!

And look, here’s Shin Akutsu as he changed his hair-style to be a normal one. He still has his ear jewelry though.

Now then, the kabuki club is aiming to perform at their school auditorium. But there’s one problem…

You see, the auditorium is held by the drama club for almost two years in existence and they have the reputation to justify their monopoly of the venue. Of course, the reason why the drama club won’t share the auditorium with the kabuki group is because they accused them of taking their star Kaoru Asagi. And yes, the reason why the kabuki group took noticed is because of Asagi-sempai alone.

With that said, the drama club president challenged Kurusu’s kabuki club to a duel to see who will perform at the auditorium. Well, the kabuki group wanted to use one section of the auditorium, but the drama club says no until they’re beaten to a recital of the short story called “The Medicine Peddler”!

Meanwhile, seems that Tsurami-sensei brought his father Shozo-san to teach the young kids on how to perform kabuki well… despite the fact that he’s more like a fan than a teacher.

Of course, don’t be fooled by his kabuki fandom as Shozo Tomi knows more about kabuki than Kurogo Kurusu.

On the other hand, it appears that Shin Akutsu’s previous performance might be a fluke as he’s struggling to memorize the whole script, which worries Kurogo as one misstep might lose their chance of performing at the auditorium.

But even if he memorize it all, it would do nothing if Shin can project his voice to the crowd with clarity, poise, and lots of energy to deliver the lines!

So when it’s the kabuki group’s turn to impress the audience, all of Kurogo’s worries went away when Shin Akutsu did well as the Medicine Peddler.

And the crowd went wild as they saw how Shin Akutsu’s performance was so invigorating that the audience chose the Kabuki Group over the Drama Club.

That means, Kurusu Kurogo and his mates will be using part of the auditorium to perform at the upcoming school festival!

Meanwhile, Jin Ebihara noticed some commotion at the auditorium, but soon ignore it because who wants to be with some amateurs doing kabuki anyway. Well, this guy is more arrogant than Akutsu!

With that said, things are looking good for the kabuki group but they’re still not an official club yet unless there’s a professional trainer. With that said, I’ll see you next week…

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