Eromanga-sensei Episode #05

Here’s Sagiri Izumi as she’s wearing a new jacket (minus the underwear). On the other hand, it’s hinted that she’s in love with Masamune Izumi!

But of course, Masamune-kun can’t love her back because incest is bad. Then again, he’s making a novel about a little sister so it’s considered as double-standard.

Masamune-kun, you sir are an idiot!

Meanwhile, seems that Elf Yamada has paid a visit to the Izumi residence because she wants to hide from pesky people at her publishing company. Well, it’s her fault for not making stories and meet deadlines!

On the other hand, Masamune asked Elf Yamada for help regarding his proposal for his new novel series. I mean, it’ll be a waste for his story about little sisters not being published, despite Dengeki Bunko already did that with Tsukasa Fushimi’s OreImo.

Anyways, let’s go back to Elf Yamada as she met Eromanga-sensei, albeit in a Meruru mask because she doesn’t want to reveal her true identity yet.

Oh yeah, and it seems that Eromanga-sensei requested Elf Yamada to do a favor for her work…

…like showing panties as a reference, which Masamune was shocked to see Elf Yamada doing that!

Oh please Masamune, you saw her naked back in Episode 3!

Unfortunately, Elf Yamada’s time with at the Izumi residence is up as the staff from Full-Drive Publishing are here to pick her up.

Well, let’s hope that Elf Yamada will return to the Izumi residence… once she’s finished with the deadlines. See ya again, Elf Yamada!

Lastly, Masamune Izumi paid a visit to Takasago Bookstore where he asked Tomoe Takasago on character references for Eromanga-sensei to have some inspiration.

While Tomoe referenced some Dengeki Bunko characters like Shana and Taiga Aisaka, Masamune asked her if there are characters that are well-endowed in regards to chest size.

On the other hand, seems that someone wants to surprise Masamune-kun. I wonder who that person is?

Oh, it’s Megumi Jinno and- Wait, what is she doing here at Takasago Books? Is Megumi related to Tomoe-chan or she’s just a free-loader or something?

Regardless, things are gonna get interesting on the next episode. Then again, Megumi is much of a normie to check on Sagiri’s hobbies as well as light novels…

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