Re:CREATORS Episode #05

Well, this is how Rui Kanoya and his Gigas Machina got out of the TV like a genie in a lamp! Even the creator of the mecha anime “Infinite Divine Machine Mono Magia” is terrified that the protagonist came to his doorstep.

And so, Maasaki Nakanogane was confronted by Souta Mizushino and his friends as they explained about Nakanogane’s character Rui Kanoya’s appearance in the real-world.

On the other hand, where’s Rui Kanoya…

Oh, it seems that he’s getting a tantrum in which I found it annoying. I don’t know why Nakanogane created Rui to be like this, but I found it stupid to see Kanoya acting like a brat!

However, it appears that the Japanese Self-Defense Forces have intervened and apprehended Mizushino’s group for a special interrogation.

Of course, the reason why the JSDF intervened is because of one specific toy from Rui Kanoya…

Yep, it’s his Gigas Machina as the Self-Defense Forces have considered Rui’s toy as very dangerous… if left alone and become a rouge robot.

Now if Selesia’s Vogelchevalier was brought to the real world, she’ll be the most overpowered character in existence. Alas, it didn’t happen in the end.

Anyways, they’re brought to a council led by Kikuchihara who knows what’s going on in regards to fictional character roaming around Japan.

But instead of condemning Selesia Yupitilia and her fellow fictional characters as criminals, Kikuchihara asked them for cooperation to make sure that Japan and the world will be safe from its destruction. Yes, this includes the creators like Takashi Matsubara, Marine, and Souta Mizushino who is linked to this mess in the first place.

Well, at least the creators and their creations have the backing of the military for now.

Lastly, here’s Souta Mizushino as he felt familiar in regards to the military-clad princess. So, he did some research to find something that’s truly shocking…

It turns out that the story of the military-clad princess, called “Altair/World Etude”, was made by his friend named Shimazaki who says that the story would be her first and last one. What truly shocked Mizushino is how he remembered Shimazaki well that at some point in time, Souta might have collaborated with her.

By the way, it appears that the mysterious character who fall off the train tracks and died has a full name: Setsuna Shimazaki. Come to think of it, I think that the motive of the military-clad princess is clear as she wanted vengeance against Souta Mizushino for abandoning his friend.

And if you’re curious on who is Setsuna Shimazaki, here’s a picture of her and gotta say that it’s sad to see her die in this cruel world. Now if would be better of Souta Mizushino rescued her from despair, but Shimazaki committed suicide before it happened.

In any case, I feel that this show is starting to get interesting. Let’s hope that I can find more clues on the next episode because it got me hooked!

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