Atom: The Beginning Episode #04

Here’s Umataro Tenma as he came up with an idea of selling udon during Nerima University’s school festival.

The reason why Umataro wants to have an udon stall because he blew up the budget on buying upgrades for A106, something that Hiroshi Ochanomizu is deeply concerned.

Meanwhile, here’s some two random thugs as they’re being chased by Interpol (or International Criminal Enforcement) because they’re smuggling some illicit data.

By the way, this is the younger version of Shunsaku Ban as he delivers a sack of wheat flour to Laboratory 7’s udon stall. Unlike his father Kensaku, Shunsaku is interested in robotics.

However, Shunsaku got bumped to one of the thugs that hold the secret data. Unfortunately for that said thug, he lost it during the collision and it’s his fault for not paying attention to his surroundings!

As for the secret data, it appears that it stuck to a sack of wheat flour, which Shunsaku Ban is delivering it to Lab 7.

But for Shunsaku Ban though, he’s fine and Shunsaku delivered the wheat flour safe and sound, as well as the secret data file that was stuck to one of the sacks. Of course, we’re not gonna talk about that ’cause it doesn’t seems to be important on this week’s episode.

Now then, let’s make some udon courtesy of A106 because neither Tenma nor Ochanomizu can’t do it on their own. Oh yeah, and they need to sell more to cover the costs of Six’s upgrades. Still, they need something to attract customers and Motoko Tsutsumi just got one idea that’ll work!

And that’ll be maids as both Motoko and Ran-chan are wearing it to promote the udon stall. Now, Hiroshi-kun wanted Six to wear a maid uniform, but that won’t do much!

Anyways, both Motoko and Ran-chan are heading back to the stall and do some promotion.

However, some robot attacked them for some odd reason. Seriously, why this robot needed to attack both Motoko Tsutsumi and Ran Ochanomizu when they’re just helping the guys at Laboratory 7?

Fortunately, A106 has arrived to save the day by stopping the robot in its tracks…

…which revealed to be the thug from earlier. Oh, seems that the reason why he attacked both Motoko and Ran-chan is because he’s finding the secret file.

Oh well, at least the ICE will have to deal with this guy!

And so, the Laboratory 7’s udon stall started selling udon to the visitors and fellow Nerima students.

It did well thanks in part with Six’s ability to make firm udon noodles in large quantities, as well as Motoko and Ran’s maid uniforms that made everyone looked at them!

Anyways, the udon stall was a big hit that both Ochanomizu and Tenma got their money back! With that said, all’s well that ends well right?

Well, not quite though as the other thug has managed to get the secret data in the end. Not sure if it’ll be used for nefarious purposes.

Anyways, that’s about it for this week’s episode! See ya next time…

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