Kabukibu! Episode #06

Here’s Shin Akutsu as the hero from the previous episode is thinking about his stage name.

Then again, it’s a waste of time for Jophiel to come up with a stage name where he should be practicing. Also, would it be better if he transliterate his nickname into kanji?

Meanwhile, here are some girls who watched the kabuki play from Episode 5 and while it’s expected that they want to see Kaoru-sama and her graceful acting, seems that the girls are lost in words when it comes to the gist of the play.

You see, average joes can’t even understand the archaic words and the plot itself when it comes to watching kabuki. Then again, there are instances where kabuki tries to broaden its audience by adapting popular works like One Piece.

But anyways, Kurogo Kurusu was stunned upon hearing it. Of course, there’s room for innovation as he’ll come up different ways to attract the young crowd!

Meanwhile, here’s some character from the drama club named Katsumi Kazuma as he’s having a crisis.

While he helped the kabuki group (or club) during Episode 5, seems that Katsumi-kun is torn between the drama club and Kurogo’s newly-formed club. Even though Kazuma loves the drama club, he and the rest of the male members are being treated as second class.

You know what, I feel that the president of the drama club should reformat into the Takarazuka Club. I mean, she wants girls to play prominent roles while the boys are relegated to backstage role.

Now then, let’s focus on Jin Ebihara as one actor praised Ebihara for his graceful acting, yet he commented that Jin should have fun enjoying his work.

Well, at least Jin’s co-actors are concerned about him.

On the other hand, Jin’s grandfather Shiroganeya asked his grandson to meet one of the patrons along with his daughter.

While this patron loves watching kabuki, his daughter is not even interested in the traditional performing art that she find it boring. Yeah, seems that Jin Ebihara got the same response as Kurogo Kurusu!

So when Kurogo asked Jin for some advice, which I think he’ll never do that, Ebihara made a harsh reply that the younger audience are too stupid to understand kabuki!

But let’s go back to Kurogo as he found some inspiration for attracting kabuki to a younger audience when Riri Miwayama got a hold of an English-language novel and she had fun reading it.

After checking it out with Riri-sempai’s novel, Kurogo wrote a script right away until completion.

Gotta say that he’s got that fire in his eyes when making an adaptation or a re-imagination to the novel that Miwayama is reading during her spare time!

Eventually, Kurusu showed his script to his fellow kabuki club members and they’re enthusiastic on using it for their next play.

Heck, even Katsumi Kazuma got so excited upon reading Kurogo’s script that he decides to join the kabuki club full-time!

Well, seems that Kurusu’s club is starting to grow and I’m looking forward for their play during the Kochi Fest.

Lastly, here’s Shin Akutsu’s mother as she heard the news that her son joined the kabuki club.

However, Shin told her mother to go away. Um Akutsu, that’s not how you treat your mother!

Therefore, Mrs. Akutsu slaps her son with her bag and left… And the next thing that happened is Shin quitting the kabuki club. What!?

Y’know, I think the reason why Shin hated kabuki is because of her mother, and I feel that he should reconcile with his mom ’cause losing Akutsu would be a big blow to Kurogo’s kabuki club. Anyways, see ya next week!

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