Sakurada Reset Episode #06

This is Kei Asai and he went to the town of Sakurada when he was young. Kei was told by the witch to turn back, but he continued to visit the town until Asai manifested his powers.

Ever since that day, Kei Asai stayed at Sakurada and his powers have become beneficial for the safety of the town. I mean, who wants to have someone roaming around and using his/her powers indiscriminately?

Anyways, let’s go ahead with this week’s episode starting with Hiroyuki Sasano, whose ability is to restore the past through photography.

Unfortunately, Sasano-san lost his ability not just because he left Sakurada, but because someone sealed his ability. The only clue that Hiroyuki Sasano can provide is a girl with red eyes, which I’ll get to that later.

And by the way, looks like Kei-kun got the MacGuffin and yet he doesn’t know what to do with the black stone he’s holding.

Meanwhile, he called Hitsuchi-kun to pull up some information regarding Hiroyuki Sasano, which revealed that he was part of the Bureau and served there for over 30 years. Of course, Ryouji Yoshi won’t reveal more information to Asai since the Bureau might take action against both of them.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Kei Asai is about to meet an important person within the Bureau.

This old woman might not have a name, but she’s very important to Kei Asai as she’s the witch who told him to stay away from the town of Sakurada, yet he managed to migrate there anyway.

Now then, it’s revealed that the witch is part of the Bureau’s system and not only that, but she can see a person’s future and the witch told Asai that he has a bright future. Of course, she won’t reveal to him because c’mon, who wants to be spoiled about someone’s future? No one, but the witch herself.

Lastly, it’s time to introduce the girl with the red eyes and let’s just say that she’s a bigger threat to both Asai and Haruki so far.

This is Eri Oka and she’s a former acquaintance to Kei-kun. Also, she’s responsible for sealing Hiroyuki’s ability and she’s aiming to steal the MacGuffin, as well as sealing Misora’s reset ability because Eri wants her friend to suffer!

Well guys and girls, looks like Asai will have to stop Oka’s reign of terror before she sealed all of the abilities within this town. Anyways, looking forward for next week’s episode…

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