Clockwork Planet Episode #06

And now, we continue from the previous episode as Naoto Miura and his friends have encountered AnchoR…

…which it turns out that she was controlled by someone else and now, AnchoR unsheathed her big sword from another dimension! Isn’t it great?

Anyways, looks like the gang will have to run away from AnchoR as it’s very dangerous to take her down!

Heck, even Vainney Halter is having a hard time beating AnchoR when she’s guarding the giant automaton.

And to make matters worse, seems that AnchoR can summon a resonance cannon which would destroy a giant automaton or even one part of a city grid in a single shot.

See what I mean when I told you that AnchoR can put up a hole towards a grid? Gotta say that this automaton would give everyone a bloody hell!

Good thing RyuZU managed to destroy the resonance cannon before AnchoR destroy the entire Mie Grid.

Sadly, she and Naoto Miura will have to drop down towards the abyss that is Deep Underground, which is basically space and no one will hear Naoto’s screams of help!

Anyways, Vainney Halter will have to pull Marie Bell Breguet away from the underground because at this point, Naoto won’t survive the deep abyss.

Well, seems that Naoto Miura is basically dead and there’s nothing that Marie can do!

I mean, she’s currently moping around and lamenting Naoto’s death. But you know what, I don’t think he’ll die that easily!

Of course, the question is why the Mie Grid has a giant automaton in the first place?

Well, let’s ask the governor of Mie by tying him up and torture him until he answers Marie’s questions of the automaton’s existence.

So it turns out that the reason why the giant automaton existed is because it was created by the military remnants from the Shiga Grid, which was purged a long time ago due to an electromagnetic experiment gone horribly wrong. Not only that, but the giant automaton will be used by the government to invade Tokyo, which they’ll have the reason to purge the Mie Grid.

Yeah, seems that the military, Vacheron, and even the Japanese government have orchestrated this mess. Would it be better if they would just fucking purge everything all at once, leaving Tokyo as the only surviving grid in Japan?

On the other hand, seems that Naoto Miura and RyuZU have come back to the surface thanks to this mysterious old man from Deep Underground. I wonder if that old man is the elusive Professor Y?

Well, looks like Marie Bell Breguet felt relieved that Naoto survived!

Then again, seems that she’s too worried about him that Marie kicked Naoto in the face.

Guess that it’s all’s well that ends well for this episode, but not quite as they must go to Tokyo, rescue AnchoR, and destroy the giant automaton before the government does some nasty things! Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode.

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