Eromanga-sensei Episode #06

Here’s Tomoe Takasago, being angry and all after hearing Megumi Jinno’s comment that light novels are nothing more than creepy otaku material!

So, Tomoe wants to show that bitch that light novels aren’t creepy otaku material…

…by offering Megumi with her recommended novels to read from the Dengeki Bunko label. C’mon, who wants Tomoe offering a light novel from a different label?

Anyways, looks like Megumin just got hooked into reading light novels that she wanted more!

Also, she wants to see Sagiri and make friends with her ’cause Megumin is the most popular girl in the campus… until Megumin decides to betray Sagiri, which Masamune would get mad because of it.

Anyways, it’s time for Megumin to meet Sagiri with one little condition…

She has to be blind-folded and her hands must be tied in order not to see nor touch Masamune’s sister.

Yeah, it’s so kinky to see this slutty character all tied up. It makes sense because Megumi Jinno loves dicks!

Anyways, Megumin went to Sagiri’s room to become one of the models for her illustrations. Seems that Jinno is getting turned on thanks to Sagiri gazing at her!

Not only that, but Sagiri managed to pull Megumin’s stripped panties. Wow, just wow!

In the end though, both Sagiri and Megumin became friends afterwards. Still, I wonder if there are stains on Megu- Ah, never mind!

One last thing, seems that Masamune Izumi’s next novel series about little sisters has been green-lighted. Unfortunately, the first volume will be released next year as Masamune’s editor explained that Dengeki Bunko is busy promoting the newcomer novelist named Muramasa Senju.

This means that Masamune will be out of work for the rest of the year and his life depends on writing novels to feed his sister. Then again, I wonder who is this Muramasa Senju person?

Well, this girl right here as Muramasa won’t let Masamune=kun take the spotlight. Of course, the editor would give him a chance to release his novel early in September, but Masamune will have to win a contest first because why not.

Anyways, it’s time for a showdown between Masamune Izumi and Muramasa Senju as they’ll make the best light novel and win it all for that prestigious publishing spot! With that said, I’ll see you next time…

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