Little Witch Academia Episode #18

Hey everyone, here’s something different as I show you a game called Wild Hunt, where participants must capture ghost in a span of 12 days. Pretty cool stuff!

Of course, this year would have everyone see the wild hunters where they pay a visit near Luna Nova.

Gotta say that everyone is very excited, but there’s one more person who is enthusiastically wanted to be with the hunters…

That person is none other than Constanze Braunschbank Albrechtsberger as this silent witch is making a new machine in time for the last day of the Wild Hunt.

And this is where Atsuko Kagari got curious as she wanted to help Constanze, but she refused to work with an idiot like Akko!

So, she sent Akko packing by strapping her to a seat and launching her away towards the ceiling. Yeah, it’s clear that Constanze wants to work alone!

Of course, that doesn’t stop Akko from helping Constanze as she gathered various ingredients and parts…

…to make a fuckin’ flying ship! Damn, Constanze is so hardcore when it comes to participating the Wild Hunt, but hey it’s completed thanks to Akko’s help!

Anyways, it’s time for the last day of the Wild Hunt as the hunters have gathered to finish their task in front of a large crowd.

And look, Constanze’s flying ship has sailed to capture some ghosts and seems that it’s going well for Constanze Braunschbank Albrechtsberger and Atsuko Kagari.

However, seems that some ghosts are becoming more unruly as they’re attacking the audience.

Then again, I wonder if this one is related to Professor Croix?

Never mind, seems that Professor Croix is involved with this as she used her modern magic to gather all ghosts and merge them to form this giant cockatrice!

Of course, Akko and Constanze don’t want to have a giant ghost cockatrice to ruin the last day of Wild Hunt, so she suggested to Constanze on changing the chip to something different to combat this monstrosity.

And thus, Constanze Braunschbank Albrechtsberger agreed on Kagari’s suggestion, but I’m curious to see the flying ship’s alternate form.

Well it turns out that the ship transformed into a giant robot called Magic Suit Grand Charion.

Wow, seems that Studio Trigger have made a Gurren Lagann shout-out and not only that, but it was Akko who suggested to make Constanze’s ship transform into a robot during development. How awesome is that!

Then again, seems that the Grand Charion spend too much mana on the transformation sequence that it made it inoperable. Not a good sign there!

On the other hand, Professor Ursula urged everyone to channel their energy towards the robot.

This includes the wild hunters as they assist both Akko and Constanze to power up Grand Charion.

And lo and behold, the Grand Charion is now powered up thanks to the witches and the hunters that provided the energy to stand this robot up and fight!

Oh, and here’s another Gurren Lagann reference with Grand Charion’s final attack, complete with closeups of both Constanze and Akko-chan!

C’mon, everything is better when you add super robot shout-outs to this show!

With that said, Grand Charion has defeated the giant ghost cockatrice with its signature weapon: Miracle Magical Shining Tornado Punch!

Let’s not forget about the explosions ’cause defeating the enemy in style is very essential. Well then, looks like the last day of Wild Hunt went off without a hitch!

Meanwhile, Professor Ursula confronted Professor Croix and asked her why she did this incident. But Croix scoffed Ursula off, telling the former Shiny Chariot that her plans cannot be stopped!

One last thing, seems that Constanze Braunschbank Albrechtsberger has opened up to Atsuko Kagari that she gave Akko-chan a mechanical broom. That’s so nice coming from Constanze!

Anyways, that’s about it for this episode. Still, I feel that Constanze won’t talk until the end of this series.

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