Re:CREATORS Episode #06

Oh look, it’s Alisteria February and Mamika Kirameki as they’re having some friendly talk before meeting their new ally. I wonder who could this person be if you may ask?

Well, it’s none other than Magane Chikujouin from the light novel turned anime series called “Record of the Night Window Demon”, and I have to say that Magane might be a bad person judging from her shark teeth and her sly speech.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Chikujouin has killed one civilian using her powers. Basically, she’s equally dangerous as the military-clad princess!

In fact, Alisteria branded Magane as a villain where she can tell right away that Chikujouin isn’t trust-worthy and she already made a casualty.

So therefore, Alisteria February has decided to point her lance at Magane and kill her, because Alisteria believes that justice should be served against Chikujouin.

However, Alisteria’s smite was interrupted when Selesia Yupitilia and Meteora Estherreich arrived to stop her.

As for Magane Chikujouin? She just slowly walk away and watch it unfolds from a distance. What a cheeky bitch Chikujouin is!

Anyways, Meteora Estherreich told Alisteria February that the creators are not omnipotent as the princess told her about it, meaning that the likes of Takashi Matsubara and Maasaki Nakanogane are subjected to limitations like illness and even death.

And besides, who wants to force the creator to rush the series into a happier ending? I mean, readers and viewers won’t like how Alisteria’s series would end abruptly. It’s not as easy as making a story from beginning to end!

Of course, Alisteria February won’t believe in Meteora’s words so she decides to retaliate by taking on Selesia.

As much as I want Alisteria to learn about the consequences of her recent actions, she’s just too stubborn to know about it as Alisteria believes that her creator has the right to save her country from countless wars.

On the other hand, here’s Blitz Talker as he joins the fray of stopping both Meteora Estherreich and Selesia Yupitilia.

Oh, and you would think that his gun would be ineffective against barriers or other forms of protection?

Well, say hello to his special cartridge that Blitz calls it a Gravity Bomb. It’s super-effective against Meteora’s barrier that sent her flying!

Oh boy, looks like Meteora Estherreich is in a pinch as Blitz Talker is about to shoot her in the head!

However, it appears that he was interrupted when Mamika intervened to stop a bullet from hitting Meteora’s skull. Looks like she doesn’t want to see everyone dying.

On the other hand, could this possibly be that she might join Selesia Yupitilia’s group? We’ll find that out on the next episode!

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