Atom: The Beginning Episode #05

Here’s Hiroshi Ochanomizu and Umataro Tenma as both of them got a part-time job at Maruhige Shipping… or rather Maruhige Movers because they’re helping a customer on moving his/her things from one place to another.

Oh, and they’re employed by none other than Kensaku Ban who doesn’t want robots doing the whole brunt of the work. Now then, I wonder who is their client for this occasion?

Oh, it’s Motoko Tsutsumi as the reason why she’s transferring from her family house to an apartment is because Motoko found a guy to date.

Of course, her reason might be ridiculous but Motoko’s got the money!

Oh yeah, here’s Moriya Tsutsumi as he sees both Ochanomizu and Tenma as nothing more than failures.

As much as I want to sympathize him just because he has a disability, seems that Moriya is just too arrogant that his works are the best than everyone else.

Of course, Umataro told Moriya that he and Hiroshi’s life-long research would propel them to greater heights, which I have to spoil you guys that they achieve fame during the original Astro Boy.

Still, I wonder what kind of technology is Moriya making anyway?

Anyways, let’s focus on the job itself but it appears that A106 is doing the whole brunt of it with tender loving care, something that Kensaku-san is pretty much annoyed that a robot is doing all the work!

Meanwhile, here’s this guy from last week’s episode and it appear that he’s gonna use the secret data card to mess around with the traffic robots.

Judging from his use of the card that contained malware, it appears that he’s against autonomous robots. Oh boy, that’s not good!

Oh, and he’s also controlling this unmanned semi-truck which is about to run over a bunch of cars on the highway. That’s definitely bad!

So, the only way to stop the autonomous truck is none other than Six as the robot hijacks the truck.

Oh, and Hiroshi and Umataro joined the ride as they’re trying to hack the truck’s CPU and stop it from running.

Then again, they don’t have their laptops to stop the truck, but Tenma suggested to use A106 to access the CPU and stop the malware.

Of course, putting Six to find and delete the malware would have a possibility of going out of control!

Meanwhile, it appears that this robot hater got attacked by this familiar bot from Episode 2.

There’s no indication on whether the robot silenced him due to his malicious attempt of discrediting machines, or it’s just that the mysterious operator want this guy dead after he finished his mission. Regardless, this guy is history!

And the robot finished cleaning up the guy’s mess without a trace, but not quite as a certain female investigator witnessed the robot’s escape.

Looks like she’ll become an important character in future episodes!

But let’s go back to A106 as Umataro and Hiroshi got themselves into a bit of trouble when Six went berserk.

Yeah, they feared that letting Six to stop the truck is a bad idea!

And so, both Tenma and Ochanomizu were thrown away to Kensaku Ban’s truck. Well, that’s unfortunate!

However, it seems that A106 wasn’t infected by the malware at all as Hiroshi-kun pointed out.

In fact, Six took action by itself so that its creators won’t be involved.

Oh yeah, and the only way to stop the truck from hitting countless commuters and drivers is to use its 1000 horsepower strength!

With that said, A106 managed to stop the truck from harming civilians. Then again, Six shut down after halting the autonomous vehicle.

For Hiroshi Ochanomizu, Six’s self-sacrifice has saved dozens of lives. But for Umataro Tenma however, it was A106’s calculations that prevented this disaster from happening.

In any case, looks like everything went well for this episode… except for Motoko in which her belongings will be moved until midnight. Well, blame that robot-hating bastard for delaying it! Anyways, see ya on the next episode…

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