Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode #06

Oh boy, seems that Queen Alicia VII is being held up by her own Imperial Guard. We don’t know what they’re aiming for, but the guards wanted former princess Ermiana dead.

Meanwhile, seems that both Glenn Radars and Rumia Tingel have encountered some nasty enemies like this girl who uses alchemy to summon a sword and tries to kill Mr. Radars!

Oh, and she brought her partner too as he’s about to snipe Glenn with his long-range magic.

But then again, seems that it wasn’t intended for Glenn so he’s safe from harm. As for that blue-haired alchemist, she got wrecked pretty hard.

Anyways, it turns out that these two are actually Glenn Radars’ former comrades: Re-L and Albert. Of course, the fact that Re-L attacked Mr. Radars without any explanation got a bit mad towards this blue-haired alchemist.

With that said, Glenn asked both Albert and Re-L a favor because he needs both of them for his grand plan on saving the queen!

Meanwhile, let’s go back to the magic competition where Class 2 is worried that they might not win it all without Glenn Radars.

Heck, even Sistine Fibel has some doubts in regards to her ability.

That’s until both Albert and Re-L arrived to assist Class 2 on behalf of Glenn Radars. Oh, and he’s not running away from the competition because Mr. Radars believe that his class can win the competition.

Whereas Glenn is currently evading the guards together with Rumia Tingel. Yeah, it’s a complicated thing!

With that said, time for Sistine Fibel to show her stuff on the final contest as she literally blow everyone away in the competition!

See what I mean when I told you that she literally blow away the competition? As you can see, Sistine’s Great Wind spell has managed to beat Class 1 in a single stroke.

With that said, Class 2 has taken the overall victory in the magic competition!

As for Halley Astry and the rest of Class 1, looks like they lost pretty badly and Mr. Halley will have to give up his 3-months worth of salary to Glenn Radars.

Then again, Glenn is busy trying to protect Rumia from the Imperial Guards.

Now then, it’s time for both Albert and Re-L to take the price on behalf of Glenn Radars. As they approached the queen for getting the award…

…Albert changed into Glenn Radars that shocked Zelos Dragheart. It turns out that both Albert and Re-L have switched places so while Glenn’s comrades are tricking the Imperial Guars, he and Rumia are here to confront Queen Alicia VII.

Oh, and let’s make it private by letting Glenn put up a barrier so that no one would interfere.

Anyways, Glenn Radars asked Queen Alicia to pardon her daughter Ermiana or Rumia Tingel.

Unfortunately, Queen Alicia VII wanted Princess Ermiana dead as she regretted on giving birth to her in the first place.

Yeah, that doesn’t take well for Ermiana or Rumia as she wasn’t loved by her biological mother at this crucial moment.

Not only Glenn Radars’ watch though as he believes that Queen Alicia is lying and not only that, but that necklace that the queen is wearing is worth a fortune that Glenn wants to steal it.

So, Mr. Radars rushed towards the queen and tries to nab that expensive necklace!

Of course, he must confront the Imperial Guards captain Zelos Dragheart and it appears that Glenn’s left hand got stabbed in the process.

But hey, Mr. Radars managed to nabbed Queen Alicia’s necklace, which turned out to be a cursed item. Even Zelos Dragheart got tricked into his scheme!

That’s because Glenn Radars managed to break the curse with his trusty tarot card: The Fool.

This holds his powers back and when Glenn needed the card itself, The Fool can do impossible things like dispelling magic and destroying curses.

In any case, Mr. Radars managed to rescue Queen Alicia and now she can’t hold back anymore as she apologized to Rumia for abandoning her. Not only that, but Queen Alicia still loves her daughter!

Yeah, glad that the queen have finally embraced her long-lost daughter. However, who give the cursed necklace to Queen Alicia in the first place?

Well it turns out that one of Queen Alicia’s maids named Eleanor Chalet is the one who stirred the Imperial Guards into killing Princess Ermiana, by holding the queen hostage using the cursed necklace which the wearer would die upon removing it.

Fortunately both Re-L and Albert managed to caught up with Eleanor which revealed that she’s part of the Researchers of Divine Wisdom. Not only that, the reason why they wanted Rumia Tingel (or Princess Ermiana) is because she holds the key to the elusive Akashic Records.

Sadly, Eleanor Chalet got away. Damn, I want her punished for ruining Queen Alicia’s relationship with her daughter!

Of course, she’ll be back in future episodes… I hope!

Anyways, time for a celebration as Class 2 have welcomed both Rumia Tingel and Glenn Radars to the party!

On the other hand, seems that Sistine Fibel is getting tipsy for some reason.

It turns out that Sistine ordered a brandy cake which costs a ton of money. And add the rest of the meal, Mr. Radars will have to pay 1,000,000 for the whole feast!

Well, there goes Glenn’s 3 months worth of his salary plus the reward for beating Halley’s class. Anyways, that’s about it for this episode!

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