Little Witch Academia Episode #19

This is young Diana Cavendish as she loves her mother very much, especially when recounting the tale of Beatrix who is Diana’s ancestor and one of the Nine Old Witches.

Yeah, it’s no wonder why she wants to uphold her heritage as one of the best witches around Luna Nova.

Sadly, Diana Cavendish will have to leave Luna Nova as there’s trouble back home. Everyone is saddened that this honor student will have to leave before graduation!

Well, except for Atsuko Kagari as she wanted Diana to stay because Akko wanted to beat her. C’mon, Kagari wanted to be the best and be at equal footing with Diana, but she doesn’t consider Akko as her rival!

In any case, Diana Cavendish left Luna Nova in the middle of the night.

There goes the ace witch of Luna Nova, but Akko won’t let Diana go as she’ll try to bring her back!

So, Akko went to Wedinburgh where the House of Cavendish resided there. Of course, she can’t use her mechanical broom from the previous episode so Kagari hitched a ride and now she’s riding with the Hanbridge family.

Yeah, Andrew’s father felt uneasy when sitting beside a witch, let alone a semi-mediocre one. But the reason why the Hanbridge family are going to the House of Cavendish is because a certain family member invited them.

This is Aunt Daryl and she, along with her two daughter/younger sister, is challenging Diana as the next family head.

Oh, and she doesn’t give a shit about family heritage as Aunt Daryl believes that magic is dead and everything that’s valuable must be sold off to keep the family afloat with money. Then again, she’ll squander it off which is why Diana went back home to stop her aunt!

And here’s Diana Cavendish as she’s annoyed that Atsuko Kagari went to her home uninvited. At least she treated Akko as one of her guests, otherwise Diana might kicked her out!

Anyways, Diana’s maid explained to Akko that the time is of the essence to determine if Diana is chosen to become the head of the Cavendish family.

In fact, they needed Diana to lead her family and restore its former glory instead of having her aunt destroying what’s left of the Cavendish household. On the other hand, where’s Diana?

Oh, she’s at the hallway but look at what Diana is holding. It’s a freaking Shiny Chariot card! Don’t tell me that she saw Shiny Chariot too when Diana was a little girl!?

Anyways, I’ll see you next time where Diana’s time has cometh to determine if she’s worthy to become the family head.

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