Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode #07

Woah Sistine Fibel, you’re a student and all but are you gonna do it right here… with freaking Glenn Radars!?

Seriously everyone, this is not safe…

…to do some hand-to-hand combat training!? Well everyone, looks like I trolled you with this one, but then again I’m terrible at joke and pranks.

On the other hand though, seems that a certain Re-L has returned, except that she’s wearing a school uniform which means Re-L becomes a student at Alzano Imperial Magic School.

But seriously though, Re-L Rayford greeting Glenn Radars with one big swing of her sword? Well, forget about the bread in mouth schtick because this one is so hardcore!

Still, Re-L blend well with the Alzano students and seriously, she needs to socialize towards other people instead of swinging her sword at Mr. Radars all the time.

But hey, it’s a great start for Re-L since she’s always alone during her time at the Magic Corps.

Meanwhile, Class 2 are having a field trip at Cineria Island where they’ll not only going to see the alchemy laboratory, but also have fun at the beach especially when girls are wearing bikinis!

But seriously, the guys wanna see girls wearing two-piece swimwear, because they’re freaking young and their hormores are at an all-time high!

Well, except for this diligent student named Gibul Wizdan who is interested in studying alchemy than seeing girls. Aww, that’s no fun at all!

In any case, looks like Re-L Rayford is having fun with the rest of the students, especially Rumia and Sistine where they become friends after this episode.

Of course, there’s one problem with Re-L though despite having such great friends… And that’s the loss of her brother which Re-L didn’t take well upon learning that he’s dead. But you know what, I’m hoping that the power of friendship will heal Re-L’s heart next week!

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