Sakura Quest Episodes #01 – #05

This is Yoshino Koharu, a young woman who is struggling to find work in Tokyo. Of course, how come Yoshino turned from being unemployed…

…to a queen in a countryside called Manoyama? And seriously, Yoshino looked like a protagonist of a random role-playing game!

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without Yoshino’s staff that help her on promoting the town, which it turned out to be a kingdom named after a Chupacabra.

Also, that green monster is actually the kingdom’s mascot and it’s ugly as hell. But anyways, this is Sakura Quest and I’ve decided to watch and blog this series on a regular basis… because it’s fucking good!

So the story tells the tale of Yoshino Koharu leading the Kingdom of Chupakabura, which is a stupid name in my opinion. Of course, blame Ushimatsu Kadota for coming up with that ridiculous name and mascot.

And speaking of Kadota, he didn’t chose Yoshino Koharu to be the queen in the first place as he wanted Yoshino Tsubaki to lead the kingdom. But you know what, no celebrity would promote one town and one more thing, Yoshino Tsubaki died many years ago so Ushimatsu-san doesn’t have a choice but to pick Yoshino Koharu instead.

Despite becoming the queen for one year, Manoyama or the Kingdom of Chupakabura is in a dire state where the town has no visitors due in part with Ushimatsu’s idiot plans, the apathy of the residents, or even both.

And speaking of Ushimatsu Kadota, he doesn’t like Chitose Oribe and they basically spend more time arguing than help each other on revitalizing the town.

By the way, Manoyama has some interesting products like the kabura turnips, or even their traditional woodcraft. Sadly though, seems that the folks couldn’t promote it right!

Luckily, Yoshino got some good people who can help her revitalize Manoyama to its former glory. You got Maki Midorikawa, Shiori Shinomiya, Sanae Kouzuki, and Ririko Oribe to assist the queen whenever there’s work to be done.

Then again, most of Yoshino’s staff are either have washed-up careers or just got tired of the city and run away to the countryside. One such person is none other than the IT Minister Sanae Kouzuki.

You see, Sanae Kouzuki was a web designer back in Tokyo, but got fed up with it and decided to move to the countryside and blog all day until she was recruited by Yoshino Koharu.

Also, Sanae-san met this guy named Tatsuo who went to Manoyama to become a wood artisan, although he’s not as good as his co-worker but Tatsuo wants to do various things made from wood like slippers or even a wooden chupacabra.

Oh and speaking of Tatsuo’s co-worker, this is Kazushi who is one of the best wood craftsman in town. However, the ranma sculpture that he’s working, which was originally started by his late master, will be canceled after the client passed away.

And yet, Kazushi is still finishing it as repayment for his master. Also, he doesn’t like making things that strayed from tradition unlike Tatsuo however. But still, it’ll be a waste if Kazushi’s work won’t be shown to everyone.

That’s where Yoshino and her staff suggested to place Kazushi’s ranma wood sculpture as decoration at the Manoyama train station, which they’re inspired by the wall and ceiling paintings from Sistine Chapel.

Of course, it was Sanae Kouzuki who came up with the idea after hearing Tatsuo’s story, and tried her best to convince him of showing his finished work to everyone who’s visiting Manoyama.

In the end though, Kazushi finished the ranma wood sculpture, which will become as a decoration to the local train station. And while Yoshino, Sanae-san, and the rest of the staff are planning to decorate the whole train station with ranma sculptures, this one is just the beginning to something great.

And that’s about it for the first 5 episodes of Sakura Quest and I have to say that it’s getting more interesting, so kudos to P.A.Works for this anime series so far. Now then, the next post will be covering both Episodes 6 and 7, which will focus on Maki Midorikawa and how she didn’t become a popular actress.

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