Sakura Quest Episodes #06 & #07

Well you look at that, seems that Ushimatsu Kadota fits well as a zombie that Chitose Oribe will make fun of him… once the film is released nationwide!

On this post, I’ll be covering both Episodes 6 and 7 where a small film crew is producing a movie in Manoyama. I’d say small because the crew have little budget and they can’t afford to screw it up.

Then again, I feel that this film production will be a disaster when the director is making risky decisions on a whim!

On the other hand, here’s Maki Midorikawa who confronted one of the actresses named Moe Sawano.

Well, it turns out that both Midorikawa and Sawano are friends when they’re just starting their acting career. Heck, Moe-chan missed Maki-sempai so much despite being more talented than her.

But then again, there’s a reason why Midorikawa didn’t become as popular as Sawano is because she pretty much hesitated during a segment in a late-night show. Instead of just eating one fried insect, Moe Sawano took the challenge and eat it, thus earned her stardom because of that event.

Yeah, Maki regretted on not doing it ’cause she has the potential to be great, but Midorikawa missed that chance because she’s got a bit arrogant during her time. Now, Maki Midorikawa becomes a washed-up starlet and she can’t face her father because of her failure.

On the other hand, here’s something that’s interesting as it shows a young Shiori Shinomiya playing with the old lady named Miyo Yasuda.

She had some fond memories with Yasuda-san, but all good things must come to an end when the old lady passes away.

And here’s Shiori as she’s reminiscing of those fond memories on this old decrepit house that Miyo Yasuda previously lived in.

By the way, this old house will be used for the final scene where the director suggested to burn it down! Yeah, Shinomiya won’t take that well and it’ll take some convincing from Yoshino Koharu to let it go.

Now then, let’s go back to the camera crew as they’re preparing for the last scene.

And things got crazier when the director decided to have the female lead go inside the burning house, something that Moe Sawano’s agent won’t allow it to happen despite Moe’s insisting of doing it.

Fortunately for Moe’s agent, seems that he’ll get a sigh of relief when Maki Midorikawa decided to do the last scene as a stunt double.

Come to think of it, this could be Maki’s moment to shine even though she’ll be a stand-in to Moe Sawano.

And so, the final movie scene has arrived and there are no do-overs for the production crew because they can’t find another derelict house to burn it down.

And here’s Maki Midorikawa, wearing the female lead’s costume as she runs towards the burning house…

…and then land to a hole because they’re so considerate on not letting anyone get hurt during the filming.

By the way, here’s Shiori Shinomiya as she watches the old lady’s house go down in flames. Yeah, Shiori have finally accepted to let the house go.

On the flip side though, Yoshino Koharu made an arrangement to the production crew to include Miyo Yasuda’s name in the credits, so it seems that the old lady will be remembered after all.

As for Maki Midorikawa, she did a great job even though Maki did one scene. Now, it would be nice if she become a popular actress like Moe Sawano, but it seems that Midorikawa is already satisfied on doing what she loved for one last time.

Well then, all’s well that ends well for both episode as Manoyama is starting to take noticed just a little bit. Of course, I’m hoping that the production crew won’t destroy someone’s property for art. Now that I’ve managed to catch-up with the series, I’ll be looking forward for next week’s episode!

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