Sakurada Reset Episode #07

Oh look, it’s Sumire Souma and I have to say that I missed her so much. It would be nice if Sumire was alive, but it wasn’t meant to be…

Meanwhile, it appears that Hiroyuki Sasano’s ability wasn’t erased by Eri Oka. In fact, his real ability is to go inside the photograph by tearing it in half.

And this is where Sasano met this woman who warned him that someone will take his photos, so the woman suggested to give all of it to Kei Asai.

But you know what, glad that Sasano’s ability is safe but I fear that Eri Oka might steal his photos and use it against Kei Asai and his friends.

Seriously, Eri Oka is dangerous that she needs to seek psychiatric health because it turns out that she was abused by her father! Oh, and not to mentioned that she’s working with someone else.

Speaking of Eri Oka, she finally seal Misora Haruki’s reset ability. Oh shit, we’re freaking doomed!

But then again, Shintarou Tsushima told Kei and Misora that Eri’s ability isn’t perfect as they initially think.

Rather, her ability is actually memory-manipulation where Eri must stare at the victim for five seconds and either add or subtract one’s memory. Of course, Kei can overcome her ability easily, as long as he doesn’t take one fatal misstep.

Anyways, he confronted Eri Oka while bringing the MacGuffin because she wanted it. And while Kei asked Eri to return Misora’s reset ability, I don’t think she’ll do that because Eri wants to torment Kei Asai.

In fact, Eri Oka wants the old Kei Asai who is tough and unforgiving, but then again Kei-kun has changed quite a bit and Eri doesn’t like that!

So, Eri wants to make Kei-sempai miserable by trapping him to another dimension using the photograph that she stole from Hiroyuki Sasano, all while torturing Misora Haruki until she reach the point where she’ll hate Asai for not rescuing her.

Seriously though, Eri Oka is such an asshole that there’s no redeeming qualities and I wish that she’ll get beaten up! Anyways, I’ll see you next week…

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