Clockwork Planet Episode #07

Hello everyone as Naoto Miura has arrived in Tokyo to give everyone a spectacular show…

…by putting explosives and destroying everything to scare people off the Akihabara Grid!

And look, Naoto’s plan worked as everyone went screaming and run away from the city as fast as they can.

Then again, would it be better if they keep calm and evacuate Tokyo, but at least they won’t get caught by the military when they’re up against the giant automaton from Mie Grid.

In fact, they’re ready to take on that monstrosity so that they’ll look good to everyone, but no one’s gonna cheer them because Naoto Miura scared them away. Now the only thing that they need to do next is to save AnchoR!

And speaking of AnchoR, she’s being controlled by someone else thanks to that mask and while there’s a low chance of saving her, RyuZU will do anything to rescue her little sister by using her Imaginary Gear.

Yeah, stopping time and space is the only way for RyuZU to slow AnchoR and her Perpetual Gear down. But instead of overwhelming AnchoR…

…RyuZU is gonna trick AnchoR by attacking Marie Bell Breguet or Naoto Miura, which AnchoR will just freeze up.

Oh yeah, it turns out that Naoto came up with this plan on becoming the bait to AnchoR, which RyuZU doesn’t like his idea until Naoto is determined to rescue her little sister.

In any case, it’s her chance for RyuZU to cut AnchoR’s mask so that she’ll be free from someone’s control!

Well everyone, it’s mission accomplished for Naoto Miura and RyuZU as they rescued AnchoR! Of course, Marie Bell Breguet needs to fix this automaton.

So after some repair from Marie Bell, AnchoR has finally woke up and everyone is delighted that she’s alive.

Of course, Naoto must make AnchoR as his own so that no one would use her as a weapon. After all, he treats AnchoR as a little sister so he wants to give her free will.

And when Naoto gave her freedom to think for herself, it seems that AnchoR can act like a little girl with all of her emotions intact! Aww, isn’t it sweet?

By the way, it seems that the battle between the army and the giant automaton is over, but there’s no indication on who’s the victor. In any case, I’ll have to find that out on the next episode!

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