Kabukibu! Episode #07

Well everyone, the kabuki club is in a pinch as Kochi Fest is a few days away and with Shin Akutsu suddenly quitting the club because of mommy issues, they’re trying to find a replacement.

Heck, they tried their club advisor Tsurami Tomi to perform as Ocho Kichisa, but he’s too scared to do it.

In any case, looks like there’s no other choice but for Tonbo and Kurogo to take Shin out from his room and bring him back to the kabuki club.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy for both of them to take Akutsu back as he has some issues…

You see, his mother Shiori and her friends trained him kabuki from various videos and stuff. Yeah, it’s rare for a mother to teach Shin some kabuki acting.

However, all things must come to an abrupt end when Shin’s father, who turned out to be a no-name kabuki actor, has died while his mother Shiori married an American professor and move to the United States. Yeah, it was a total shocker to Shin Akutsu that he doesn’t want to do kabuki anymore… until Kurogo asked Shin to join his club.

Meanwhile, here’s Jin Ebihara again as his grandfather Shiroganeya asked him about the kabuki club as he heard it from a friend. Well, Jin’s famous grandpa noticed Kurogo’s club in which they performed at the home for the elderly back in Episode 4.

And while Jin will shrug it off as nothing more than amateurs, I have to say fuck Ebihara’s reasoning as they have fun doing it while he can’t take a smile for once! Anyways, both Shiroganeya and Jin Ebihara is about to meet…

…Shin Akutsu and his slightly-troubled family as he argues his mother on not performing kabuki during the Kochiyama school festival.

Oh by the way, this blonde guy with a mustache is Shiori’s new husband James Emerick, who happened to be a kabuki fan especially when Shiroganeya (or Ozawa Shijima VII) is performing.

In any case, they had a long chit-chat before Shiroganeya leaves because he’s preparing for the next kabuki play.

And while Shiori Akutsu asked Jin Ebihara if he’ll perform as part of the kabuki club, let’s just say that he’ll say no to this matter because Jin doesn’t want to play with the amateurs. What an asshole!

Anyways, the Kochi Fest has arrived as both the drama and kabuki club are preparing for their stage play later. Of course, the drama club president is still salty that she wanted to kabuki club to fail, yet Kaoru Asagi thinks that it wasn’t the case as she’s considerate to Kurogo’s club. Yeah right, like she would really do that!

On the other hand though, Kaoru Asagi didn’t want to join the drama club at first, but then she decided to join it anyway after the drama club president refused to give up on her. Well, that’s something and I have to say that the club president has the same predicament as Kurogo Kurusu before the drama club went big.

Still, let’s hope that there’s no sabotage will happen between the drama club and the kabuki club!

But speaking of the kabuki club, Katsumi Kazuma is practicing his role as Ocho Kichisa just in case Shin Akutsu didn’t come to school. Of course, I’m worried that Katsumi might screw it up.

Still, I wish Shin should go and perform as a kabuki actor because that’s what he wanted to do in the first place!

Anyways, the next episode will determine if Shin Akutsu will go or not. I mean, Katsumi Kazuma is currently taking the role of Ocho Kichisa, which he would reprise that role if Shin didn’t quit out of the whim.

Oh, and let’s not forget about Jin Ebihara as even though he might not watch the show, I feel that Jin will do it but he still thinks that the actors are a bunch of amateurs!

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