Eromanga-sensei Episode #07

Back at the Izumi Residence, Sagiri is excited on the upcoming competition that she wants to help Masamune-niichan on winning it and publish his new light novel series in September.

I mean, she’s eager to support her brother whatever she can!

However, it appears that Elf Yamada will have to help Masamune-kun as her pride was hurt when she found out that her best-selling light novel couldn’t put a dent on Muramasa Senju’s novel, which it sold 14.5 million copies.

Sorry Sagiri but as much as he wants to have your illustrations, Masamune will have to revise his latest work to fit into the 60-page limit on the Tenkaichi Budoukai light novel competition.

And so, Masamune worked tons of hours to turn his story about his love for his little sister into a 60-page short story.

Yeah, it took many tries and dozens of energy drinks consumed just to get it right!

Meanwhile, Muramasa Senju dropped by to tell Masamune to concede and instead make novels for her. Really Muramasa, I don’t think Masamune Izumi would do that!

But on the other hand, it turns out that the reason why she wants to stop Masamune’s dreams of releasing his new romantic-comedy light novel series early is because Muramasa Senju is a fan of his previous works, specifically his battle-based light novel series “Silverwolf of Reincarnation” where it was cancelled after 2 or 3 volumes. Come to think of it, Masamune Izumi has some similarities with Tsukasa Fushimi in regards to his previous work being cancelled due to not being popular.

One last thing, it turns out that Muramasa Senju doesn’t know about her own works as she makes novels just to have a higher score. But anyways, Masamune will have to decline Muramasa’s offer of surrender…

…especially when Sagiri wants to be with her brother for all eternity. Um, would it be nice if Sagiri Izumi admits that she really, really loves Masamune-niichan very much? Then again, it’ll take a long time to make it happen.

Oh yes, it’s time for the result of the Tenkaichi Budoukai light novel competition and as you can see from Masamune Izumi’s reaction, seems that he’s happy that his new light novel series will be published in September!

See, here’s some proof that he got 1st place in the competition and Masamune got lucky on this one! Well, it turns out that Muramasa Senju’s entry got disqualified as she exceeded the number of pages.

But hey, all’s well that ends well on this week’s episode of Eromanga-sensei! Now then, let’s hope that Masamune’s novel about little sisters will be successful much like Tsukasa Fushimi’s OreImo.

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