Re:CREATORS Episode #07

Well, Alisteria February is very angry that she wanted to take action on saving her world from suffering and such, but she can’t force her creator to do that unless the fans would accept that!

Still, Selesia Yupitilia will have to stop Alisteria because what she’s doing to her creator is wrong.

But suddenly, seems that Magical Slayer Mamika has intervened the fight as she had enough of it. Then again, no one would take Mamika’s word as she’s too naive to stop the battle with her magic.

Besides, Mamika came from a kids show when violence is non-existent. It doesn’t work in real-life however!

Meanwhile, here’s Blitz Talker as he couldn’t believe that a sweet magical girl like Mamika would stop his bullet from hitting Meteora’s noggin’.

Gotta say that he’s not pleased by it, but Blitz will have to deal with another character…

…who is none other than Yuuya Mirokuji as he has a score to settle against Blitz Talker. Yeah, they had a history and Mirokuji wants to beat the old man’s ass once and for all!

But not this time though as Mamika Kirameki intervened once again to stop the fighting.

Then again, intervening the battle would get worse once Yuuya Mirokuji attempts to beat the shit out of Magical Slayer Mamika. C’mon, he doesn’t like nosy brats who tries to ruin a decent fight!

But in the end though, the battle has finally stopped when Rui Kanoya and his Gigas Machina dropped by to say hi!

Yeah, I have to say thanks for Rui-kun for stopping the fight, something that Mamika can’t do about it because of her naivety!

So for the time being after that mess at the riverbank, Yuuya Mirokuji is placed under Aki Kikuchihara’s custody ’cause it would be bad if he went rouge just like Magane Chikujouin.

On the flip side though, Mirokuji became friends with Rui Kanoya thanks to the power of his Gigas Machina. Yeah, that’s something!

Meanwhile, here’s Magane Chikujouin as she’s barging in to someone’s apartment and finding something that’s interesting. Alas, Magane didn’t find anything that’ll piqued her interest…

Oh yeah, and it appears that Chikujouin just nonchalantly went to the apartment of Tenkyu Kurakuma who made “Record of the Night Window Demon”.

Wait a minute, is that Kurakuma over there and did Magane just killed her own creator!? Holy shit, we have ourselves the most dangerous character besides the military-clad princess! Sadly though, Kurakuma’s work will remained unfinished thanks to his creation.

And speaking of the military-clad princess, Maasaki Nakanogane did his research and show it to everyone that the princess is originated from a promotional video.

On the other hand, seems that military-clad princess has a name now called Altair, but it would be better if Souta Mizushino told about this instead of keeping it to himself.

And not only that, but Souta shouldn’t just tell Mamika that he knows about the military-clad princess or Altair as he called it.

While he’s telling Mamika about Altair as Souta believes in her, I think they should check their surroundings…

…like this certain Magane Chikujouin who is plotting to kill Souta Mizushino and Mamika Kirameki. Oh shit, they’re in danger!

Well then, let’s hope that Mamika will try to stop Magane from murdering Souta on the next episode. Honestly, Mizushino should contact the Selesia and the rest when there’s trouble like this!

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