Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai Episode #05

Hey guys, Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai is back after a week of inactivity and it’s nice to see some demon lords that are not represented by the current seven mortal sins, like Astaroth for example who is the Demon Lord of Melancholy.

Unfortunately, it turns out that she’s the weakest of the demon lords so it’ll be an easy win for Lucifer.

So when Lucifer and Leviathan barged into Astaroth’s apartment, the Demon Lord of Melancholy asked the fallen angel to leave as she doesn’t want to fight.

Well, that was pathetic coming from Astaroth but there’s another way to beat her…

And that’s by becoming a singer and beat the shit out of Astaroth at her own game.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that Astaroth is an aspiring musician, but Lucifer can defeat the Demon Lord of Melancholy through her former angelic voice!

And not only that, but she can beat Astaroth even more when both Leviathan and Maria Totsuka are helping Lucifer on making a music video.

Looks like Lucifer is on a roll and Astaroth can’t keep it up!

That’s where Belial and her allies have pulled their resources to support the Demon Lord of Melancholy. After all, Belial hates Lucifer for attempting to take over hell!

Anyway, Astaroth got a music video of her own and it went viral. Then again, it was Belial’s influence that helped Astaroth on having her PV earning a lot of views.

And not only that, but it turns out that she has a stage fright which I have to say that Belial didn’t think it through in regards to Astaroth’s phobia.

Well then, seems that it’s an easy victory for Lucifer…

…as she’s taking over the stage and telling the audience to listen her song.

But of course, Lucifer wants a fair fight since she doesn’t want to lower her pride for something like an easy victory.

So, she invited Astaroth back to the stage for a showdown to see who’s the sexiest singer ever!

Even though she invited the Demon Lord of Melancholy to return to the stage, let’s just say that I already know the results of this fight.

In any case, Lucifer has defeated Astaroth in this sing-off and I have to say that this episode is the weakest so far. Sorry everyone for not posting any nudity on this post as Episode 5 bored me to death!

Anyways, let’s hope that the next episode would give me a raging bone!

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