Atom: The Beginning Episode #06

Here’s Moriya Tsutsumi and he still berates the guys at Lab 7 that Moriya told Motoko about wanting that trash of a laboratory gone.

In fact, Moriya is planning to recruit Hiroshi Ochanomizu to his prestigious Lab 1. Hmm, I wonder how it’ll work that out?

Meanwhile, seems that Hiroshi Ochanomizu is very upset that he got angry at Umataro Tenma. And why he’s mad at Tenma if you may ask?

That’s because Umataro didn’t fix A106 after the previous episode and instead went on to work on the upgrades with 10,000 horsepower.

Poor Six, he’s stuck on this body and that stupid Tenma should have repaired A106’s body! Then again, would it be better if they make up ’cause if Moriya recruited Hiroshi-kun, Laboratory 7 will be gone along with Umataro’s research.

So, Motoko Tsutsumi decided to take action and patch things up for both Ochanomizu and Tenma. Oh, and she’s not alone for this matter…

Motoko also brought Ran-chan too as she has a secret weapon that’ll make both Hiroshi and Umataro think twice on their friendship.

Yeah, just look on both Ochanomizu and Tenma’s faces when they saw their tablet being held by Ran-chan, which not only contains A105’s data but also their most embarrassing moments that they don’t want to see.

Anyways, if they don’t forgive each other and make up, Ran-chan will send the data all over the internet in which both Hiroshi and Umataro’s engineering career will be over!

Unfortunately, both Motoko Tsutsumi and Ran Ochanomizu are standing at a hanging container and when it tipped over, both girls tripped and they’re about to fall on their deaths.

Luckily, Hiroshi and Umataro set aside their differences and decided to use Six to control the crane. I have to say that but it’s amazing to see A106 adapt to anything as long as it’s a machine.

However, it appears that Motoko slipped her hand and she’s starting to fall down together with Ran-chan! Oh boy, I can’t bear to look…

Fortunately, both Hiroshi and Umataro managed to grab them at the last minute so I have to say that it was a good save.

Oh, and it wouldn’t be possible without Six’s help so it’s all good on this episode!

Anyways, both Motoko Tsutsumi and Ran Ochanomizu are safe from harm, but what about Hiroshi Ochanomizu and Umataro Tenma?

Well, they made up and became friends again. Yeah, glad that they stick around or Lab 7 will be a goner!

And that’s about it for this episode of Atom: The Beginning as the next episode sees them competing at a robot wrestling tournament.

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