Little Witch Academia Episode #20

Well, both Atsuko Kagari and Andrew Hanbridge will have to wait for the ritual to end. On the other hand though, Andrew told Akko that Diana Cavendish didn’t have powers back then…

In fact, Diana strives to practice magic at a young age as she’s not only doing it for her mother and the Cavendish family, but also the fact that Diana was inspired by Shiny Chariot.

Well, I have to say that she’s not as different as Atsuko Kagari. Then again, Diana is miles better when it comes to magic compared to Akko!

But let’s go back to Diana Cavendish and it seems that she’s being wrapped by snakes. Don’t tell me that someone is ruining the ritual?

Well, speak for yourself as Aunt Daryl summoned snakes to wrap around Diana until she fainted, which means that she won’t finish the ritual on time. What a scumbag!

Naturally, this prompted both Akko and Andrew to act quickly and help Diana Cavendish. Unfortunately, her maid told them that they couldn’t interfere with the ritual.

Then again, who cares about customs and whatnot as Atsuko Kagari will rescue her rival Diana Cavendish! As for Andrew Hanbridge, he’ll stay until the ritual is over.

And so, Atsuko Kagari did her best to free Diana Cavendish from various snakes!

Yeah, flattening them as an elephant is very effective and not only that, but Akko is very resistant to poison so you may thank Sucy Manbavaran for that.

Afterwards, it’s time for Diana’s reason on why she wanted to become the family head in the first place as Diana was inspired by her mother Bernadette, which she holds the family’s tradition of compassion to everyone regardless of where they came from. In fact, the Cavendish family is known for healing dozens of people during the great war before medical advancement has made magic obsolete.

And despite having a weak body as well as magic being irrelevant in modern medicine, Lady Bernadette tries her best to preserve that tradition of the Cavendish family until her last breath. Yeah, seems that Atsuko Kagari was so touched at Diana’s story that she wanted her rival to achieve her dream.

On the other hand, seems that the Shiny Rod is reacting to Diana’s dream of becoming the family head, which means that it’s time for Akko to activate the fifth word!

So when Kagari recited the fifth magic word, something amazing happened…

Turns out, Atsuko Kagari summoned Shiny Chariot’s broom which is very handy when Diana needs to complete the ritual in time.

Anyways, they have little time left before the ritual end so both Akko and Diana headed towards the shrine where the seal of the Cavendish family is located.

Once the brightness of the Gem of Venus is obscured, the seal will be undone and that’s where Diana swears upon her ancestors to become the head of the Cavendish family.

However, once they arrived at the shrine, what they see is Aunt Daryl and her two daughters being tangled up because they interfered the ritual.

Of course, Atsuko Kagari will be punished as well but she has a good heart compared to those three, which I have to say that karma is a bitch. Serves them right for ruining Diana Cavendish!

But instead of just leaving them behind, Diana decided to save them because it’s not her style to punish them for ruining the ritual.

And so, Diana Cavendish used her magic to free her evil aunt and her two meddling daughters.

Well, Aunt Daryl and her two daughters will have to sleep for the time being as Diana Cavendish is about to complete her task on becoming the family head!

On the other hand, Beatrix has appeared in front of Diana Cavendish as it shows proof that she has compassion.

Too bad though as the ritual is not complete which is very disappointing, and it would have been successful and turn Diana into the family head if it wasn’t for Aunt Daryl and her two meddling daughters!

But even though it was a failed ritual, Diana’s servants have urged her to follow her dreams by going back to Luna Nova.

Sure that Diana didn’t become a family head today, but she has many chances to achieve her dreams because Diana believes in Shiny Chariot!

As for Aunt Daryl and her two daughters, let’s just say that they won’t sell everything and ruin the Cavendish name any longer.

Meanwhile, here’s Andrew Hanbridge as he’s amazed on how Atsuko Kagari defied the odds. Maybe he has a crush on Kagari but then again, I think Andrew will remained friends with Akko.

But as for Atsuko Kagari and Diana Cavendish, they’re going back to Luna Nova and finish their studies there. I’m hoping that there’s nothing horrible happened at the academy once they returned there.

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode as Little Witch Academia is nearing its end!

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