Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasuka? Isogashii Desuka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desuka? Episode #07

Hey everyone, looks like Island 63 will have two new fairies who can fight those beasts. The red-haired girl is Nopth while the blue-haired one is Rhantolk.

As you can see, they’re reading textbooks that were left by humans. Honestly, humanity are very stupid who played god by creating beasts and got themselves killed because of it!

By the way, both fairies are being ferried by one of Willem Kmetsch’s friends, Grick. This guy is a salvager and he’s the one who give Willem a job to take care of the kids at Island 63.

Too bad that both Nopth and Rhantolk’s trip to Island 68 will be delay or worse, cut short due to unfortunate circumstances…

…like this beast right here as it destroyed their airship. Both Nopth and Rhantolk managed to destroyed the beast however, but they’re left stranded now that their ride is busted beyond repair!

Meanwhile, here’s Chtholly as she’s about to eat Willem’s butter cake ’cause he made a promise to make one once she’s returned alive.

By the way, it appears that she has some strands of red hair in which I believe it came from Chtholly’s ghost Elq. And not only that, but it was revealed by Nygglatho that Chtholly is not a leprechaun (or fairy) which means that she’s some kind of a special being.

But you know what, let’s set things aside in regards to Chtholly’s body as it’s time to chow down on Willem Kmetsch’s butter cake!

I mean, he baked not just for the kids at Island 63 but also for Chtholly Nota Seniorious as well.

Yeah, she’s enjoying it right now and I’m glad that Chtholly is back to eat that butter cake! Too bad that she’ll have to refrain from using her dug weapon at the moment as Chtholly might lose herself again.

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode and let’s hope that she’ll be alright! Oh, and let’s not forget those two new fairies because the army needed some firepower when Chtholly is currently in the sidelines.

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