Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode #08

Hmm, seems that both Sistine Fibel and Rumia Tingel are having a sad face for some odd reason.

After last week’s episode with all the fun in the sun, seems that these two are concerned about something…

That’s because Re-L is not feeling well that she doesn’t want to talk to either Sistine or Rumia.

The reason why Re-L is feeling angry at the moment? It’s because of Glenn Radars as he talks about her brother who is actually dead.

By the way, this is Burks Blaumohn as he’s the director of the white alchemy laboratory stationed in Cineria Island.

Oh and he’s not a bad guy or anything as Mr. Blaumohn is doing white alchemy for the greater good of the Alzano Empire…

…by creating chimera. Um, I don’t think he’s doing it for peace there because these chimeras are not only hideous, but potentially dangerous.

On the other hand, Burks Blaumohn briefly discussed about Project Revive Life where it involves reviving a dead person obviously. But then again, it’s more like making a clone from a deceased human being and there’s a rumor that the Researchers of Divine Wisdom got a hold of it.

Speaking of Divine Wisdom, Eleanor Chalet is back to kidnap Rumia Tingel in order to extract the secrets of the Akashic Records from her.

Fortunately, Albert will take care of Eleanor but she’s not working alone for that matter.

Meanwhile, here’s Re-L’s brother and- Wait, is this guy supposed to be dead or something?

Anyways, Re-L’s brother asked her to get Rumia Tingel because he’s been held by an organization. Lemme guess, Researchers of Divine Wisdom?

Still, Re-L’s brother is clearly not a person to be trusted as Glenn Radars managed to push this impostor away from Re-L. C’mon, he’s a teacher after all!

But then again, it appears that Re-L stabbed Mr. Radars in the back! Really, did she got influenced by her dead brother?!

Goddamn, looks like Re-L has sided with the enemy and fuck, Glenn Radars is freaking dead!

Oh and to make things worse, Re-L knocked Rumia Tingel out that Sistine was stunned to see it. More like murdering Rumia to me than knocking her unconscious!

And then, Rumia was taken away by Re-L because she’s always being the damsel-in-distress all the time.

Really, the author should have turned Rumia Tingel into a capable magician instead of being kidnapped by the evil organization!

Meanwhile, Albert managed to grab Glenn’s body. He told Sistine that Mr. Radars might be breathing, but he’s getting closer to the grim reaper.

So, Albert told Sistine Fibel that they’ll perform Revival magic and in order to do that, he ordered Sistine to do CPR on Mr. Radars in order to get his heart back to its functional state.

Yeah, she’s giving him a kiss of life and let’s just say that it was her first. Don’t make assumptions about this please!

Now while Glenn Radars is being revived at the moment, I wonder what’s gonna happen to Rumia Tingel on the next episode? Will Eleanor Chalet get her hands on the Akashic Records or fail once again?

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