Sakura Quest Episode #08

Hey guys, looks like Queen Yoshino Koharu and her ministers are wearing costumes…

…in time for the harvest season. Then again, machines are doing it instead of manual labor!

Oh yeah, let’s move onto this week’s episode where we talk about Sayuri Shinomiya who is Shiori’s older sister and she’s about to move to the city as a nurse.

I have to say that Sayuri has that refined beauty, but Shiori has her own charm as well!

By the way, Shiori’s family are having a banquet at a French cuisine restaurant who is owned by young chef named Katsumi Kumano. Despite being young, Kumano-san knows how to use local ingredients to make exquisite dishes.

And one more thing, seems that Sayuri’s grandparents wanted her to marry Katsumi Kumano as it turns out that both of them are high school classmates. Then again, they’re too busy with their respective careers!

Speaking of cuisine, Queen Yoshino Koharu and the Tourism Board have decided to hold a cooking contest to see which dish shall represent the town of Manoyama.

On the other hand, seems that Shiori Shinomiya is doing great as a chef when she uses local ingredients to suit the taste of the residents. Hell, it’s better than some manju that was outsourced somewhere! But there’s one problem though…

You see, Chitose Oribe is complaining that the C-Rank Gourmet will be held at the same time as Manoyama’s Summer Festival. Well, seems that the Tourism Board didn’t consult with Oribe’s Board of Merchants that it’ll be a headache to cancel one event over the other or have it both.

But you know what, let’s have both events at Manoyama and Shiori Shinomiya has an idea to save both events instead of clashing it. In any case, let’s hope that Shiori can make it happen next week!

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